Benefits of Foot Reflexology

Does Foot Reflexology Really Work

Woman receiving a foot reflexology massage at Emerge Medical

Foot reflexology is the stimulation of your feet to relax your body, enhance your central nervous system, reduce pain, and decrease your stress levels. You may have heard some people refer to this form of treatment as new age or false, but does it really work? Can you actually feel less pain, suffer from less stress, and enhance your nervous, endocrine, circulatory, and respiratory systems by allowing someone to walk their fingers up and down the soles of your feet?

First: The Basics of Foot Reflexology

Your skin and internal organs are linked neurologically, and internal stimulus transmits externally and vise Versa. Research on this dates back to the late 19th century. The theory of foot reflexology builds off of this by postulating that certain stimulating movements on and with the foot can transmit neurologically to your internal system. This can help you relax and even help your different internal organs function better.

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Reduce Depression & Anxiety

Two recent studies indicate that foot reflexology played a role in reducing anxiety levels and depression in participants. Participants of reflexology in one study reported that they felt less anxious going into surgery than the participants who went to the same surgery without reflexology treatment. The treatment also helped reduce the risk of depression in postmenopausal women.

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Pain Relief

Foot reflexology has also been known to reduce pain and not only in your feet. Studies in which cancer patients saw a professional for reflexology saw that participants reported reduced pain. Other studies found participants attesting to higher concentration levels, lower counts of intestinal concerns (both diarrhea and constipation), higher energy, and reduced fear of or stress about the future. The treatments affected people in uniquely positive ways.

Type 2 Diabetes

Though both more research is needed, two different studies found a correlation between reflexology (in these cases, self-administered) and glycemic control and nerve conductivity.


Reflexology has been known to improve help people with dementia feel more relaxed and at ease. It will not “cure” them or “treat” them of their dementia, but it can help them find moments of peace in their illness.

Get Your Reflexology on at Emerge Medical & Well Spa

At Emerge Medical & Well Spa, we do so much more than just offer you foot reflexology. We give prenatal massages, hormone replacement therapy, and deep tissue massage. If you find yourself a bit out of sorts, give us a call. Our team at Emerge Medical & Well Spa will help you out.


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