What Can I Expect from a Prenatal Massage?

What to Expect From a Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage in spa

Pregnancy is not always a joyful experience. In fact, most expecting mothers are likely to experience some discomfort, back pain, trouble sleeping, and general fatigue. Luckily, receiving a prenatal massage from a skilled massage therapist can help alleviate some of those discomforts and make your pregnancy easier. If you are having a normal, healthy pregnancy, you can receive massages throughout the first, second, and third trimester.

Some expecting mothers are unsure if a prenatal massage is right for them or the baby. To ease some of those anxieties, Emerge Medical & Well Spa in Tulsa discusses a couple of things you can expect from the experience.

#1. Personalized Attention

Personalized attention is one of the main focal points of a prenatal massage. The massage therapist understands that you may be experiencing a range of discomfort, so they work with you to provide personalized care. Before the massage, your massage therapist will ask you a few preliminary questions about your pregnancy, health history, and lifestyle. During this time, you can tell them about any pain or discomfort you are experiencing. If you are experiencing back pain or some soreness in the feet, let them know so they can focus the massage to meet your needs.  

#2.  Relaxation

Your body and mind feel at ease when you receive a prenatal massage. Through the power of touch, your muscles will relax and the level of stress hormones in your body will decrease. To improve your relaxation, your massage therapist will play soothing music and create a tranquil atmosphere. After your massage, you will feel the benefits of this deep relaxation for days to come.

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#3. Reduced Swelling

The swelling of the hands and feet is a major discomfort that occurs during pregnancy. However, prenatal massages are shown to increase blood flow and reduce swelling, alleviating headaches and any pain you feel in your hands and feet.

#4. An Open Atmosphere

You should never feel embarrassed to talk to your massage therapist. If you ever feel uncomfortable or you have a particular area that is causing you pain, be sure to let them know. If you feel the need to get up, move around, or use the restroom, please let them know. This time is for you, so do whatever you can to get the most out of the experience.

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Prenatal Massages at Emerge Medical & Well Spa

Located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Emerge Medical & Well Spa specializes in massages and body treatments, including prenatal massages. To schedule an appointment with a skilled massage therapist, contact us today at 918-392-8606!


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