Coconut Hydrating & Exfoliating Body Treatment

Coconut Hydration Treatment

Coconut Hydrating & Exfoliating Body Treatment – Emerge Medical & Well Spa

Immerse yourself in our Eminence Organics Coconut Hydrating & Exfoliating Body Treatment.  Our expert therapist will first exfoliate away dry dead skin cells with our Eminence Coconut body scrub allowing your skin to be prepped and ready to absorb all the nutrients of the Coconut Firming Body Lotion.

Eminence Organics Coconut Sugar Scrub is for all skin types and features Virgin Coconut oil, Raw Sugar Cane Granules, Comfrey and Cucumber.  With these naturally organic ingredients, these hand-made products are effective and extremely healing.

Eminence Organics Coconut Firming Body Lotion is ideal for all skin types and can dramatically improve skin tone and firmness.  It promotes softer, younger looking skin.  Features Coconut Milk for moisture, Coconut Water to balance the skin’s pH, and Natural Retinol Alternative complex that immediately lifts and firms the skin while boosting collagen production.  Hyaluronic Acid and Shea Butter will deeply hydrate and smooth fine lines and wrinkles.

Below are prices for Emerge Medical & Well Spa:

60 minutes $100

90 minutes $125

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