Laser hair removal…does it hurt?

One of the most common questions we get asked at Emerge Medical & Well Spa about laser hair removal is, does it hurt? The short answer is…yes BUT it is a tolerable pain that is over with quickly. 

Here are some points to remember when considering the pain of laser hair removal.

We offer a topical anesthetic. You’ll be happy to know that a lot of our clients don’t request a topical anesthetic for a simple laser hair removal session, but if you’re having more anxiety than you’d like, we can numb the skin to put your mind at ease.

Some areas are more sensitive than others. I’ve pretty much been lasered from head to toe, so based on my personal experience (and never using a numbing cream) I can tell you that some areas are little bit more sensitive than others. For instance, my underarms didn’t hurt as much as my ankles. OUCH And my chin didn’t hurt near as bad as my bikini. This could be due to the next 2 topics. 

Everyone’s pain tolerance is different. Any time you’re using a laser to penetrate deep into the skin targeting certain areas, there will always be a little bit of pain involved, but your pain level and experience may be completely different than your friends.  

How much hair do you have? The more hair you have per area, the more you’ll likely feel more pain. The pain is coming from the laser zapping and killing active hair follicles, so when you treat an area that have virtually no hair, wouldn’t it make sense that a hairy area would cause more pain? LOL

Lastly, get your mind right. We’ve all heard those terrifying laser hair removal stories but don’t let that scare you! The anticipation of the pain can be worse than the pain itself! 

Consider how painful other means of hair removal are. Have you ever used Nair? Been waxed? And even if you’re just shaving, you can cut yourself or get painful ingrown hairs or razor burn, so you see, any form of hair removal isn’t completely pain free. Wouldn’t you rather endure a little bit of pain in short amount of time and be done forever with all the other methods? For me, it was worth the pain.

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