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Misconceptions About Tattoo Removal

Debunking Myths about Tattoo Removal

What was once thought to be permanent can now be erased. Through tattoo removal, you can remove any unwanted tattoos and leave your skin with a clean slate. Unfortunately, many people are apprehensive about removing their unwanted tattoos because of myths and misconceptions they hear about the process. Here, Emerge Medical & Well Spa debunks some of these common misconceptions.

Myth #1: Laser Removal Will Cause Scarring

Although many people believe that tattoo removal will leave them with unsightly scars, this is far from the truth. If the treatment is handled by a professional, laser treatments should produce little scarring. Laser removal specialists know the amount of energy to use to prevent scarring and they will typically space out treatments to give your skin plenty of time to heal. Following the proper aftercare instructions will also decrease the risk of scarring.

Myth #2: New Tattoos Cannot Be Removed

Some people believe that removal only works on old, faded tattoos, but the tattoo removal process works on fresh tattoos as well. Although older, faded tattoos may require fewer treatment sessions, new tattoos can still be removed – it may just take more time. If you are getting a new tattoo removed, just make sure it has healed and there are no scabs.

Myth #3: Removal Creams Work Better than Laser Removal

Although this would be convenient, it is certainly not the case. These creams may be able to fade your tattoo, but they cannot penetrate deep enough into your skin to remove it all the way. In fact, some chemicals in these creams can be abrasive and potentially damage your skin.

Myth #4: A Single Treatment Can Remove the Tattoo

If you ever hear a clinic make this claim, know that it is false. Laser treatments simply cannot remove a tattoo in a single treatment. Sure, some tattoos can be removed faster than others, depending on the size of the tattoo, the color of ink, and the amount of fading, but it always takes more than one treatment. Although the process may take awhile, the tattoo can be removed all the way.

Myth #5: Tattoo Removal is Dangerous

Some people do not trust the process of tattoo removal and believe the use of lasers will lead to cancer and other diseases. Fortunately, this is far from the truth. Laser removals are approved by FDA and tattoo removal professionals are licensed and trained. Overall, removing a tattoo is just as safe as getting one.

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