Now is the time

Written By: Belinda Stewart

Time to clear those summer time browns.  Lets face it, we have loved the summer as the sun has kissed our faces, hid the imperfections of those thunder thighs, and allowed us to show off our shoulders in those amazing sundresses. 

Although we love the way we look, it really takes a toll and damages our forever skin in so many ways.   I like to encourage our clients or anyone who will listen to really look into spray tans with the use of amazing sunscreens now offered on the market. 

For those of you that say no, not me.  It is now time to repair and rid the damage we have acquired throughout the summer and possibly the last 10-20 years of abuse. 

What better way than with a Fotofacial, MicroLaser Peel, or even the amazing CO2.  Each of these laser treatments are amazing at unduing, repairing, and none the less anti-aging.  Who doesn’t want that?

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