POOF! There goes aging!

Written by: Belinda Stewart

As we age, our skin does not heal quickly from the overpowering sun with use of topical skin treatments.  They often lose their power in healing imperfections.  Skin care is vital in maintaining the health of your skin over time, but these products along with anti-aging serums and scar removal products seem to make less of an impact on a day to day basis.

For more dramatic results in treating fine lines and wrinkles and restoring an even skin tone (those ugly browns), we have many laser treatments that can offer complete rejuvenation and help you shed years off the look of your skin! No matter the condition of your skin, using lasers to restore collagen production will allow your skin to return to it’s health with the use of laser treatments that require no downtime.  These lasers will pull the damage from layers of the skin that we do not see, bring them to the surface where they will then flake off.  Amazing!!!  Thus revealing even skin toned healthy skin.  Ask one our nurses which laser treatment is perfect for you. 

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