The latest in laser technology is here!

Written By: Belinda Stewart

In this ever growing market to age gracefully and regain that youthful glow and look, technology has also grown and made this more possible than ever.  That is why we are excited to offer the top of the line, gold standard, of lasers available on the market today.  My personal favorite is the GentleMax Pro.  This incredible laser offers the best in class laser hair removal for all skin types!  Uneven skin tones no more!  Included in treatments for this amazing laser is ridding those reds (Rosacea), tormenting those browns (age spots, melasma, sundamage), and lets not forget tightening (goodbye saggy necks).  Wait, we are not done.   How about those unsightly veins?  Included treatments target those pesky veins around the nose, on the check, and down our legs. For many years we have not been able to treat as safely Type IV –VI skin types.  With the GentleMax Pro, we can treat ALL skin types.  Can I get a Whoop Whoop?


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