The latest in tattoo removal technology, the Picoway

Written by: Belinda Stewart

Let’s now dive into another Laser treatment that has half the amount of treatments with less damage to surrounding tissue compared to its predecessors. Let’s talk PICOWAY. Over the years, we have had the fortunate experience to rent Tattoo Removal Laser treatment devices. Although all had successful results, the removal process could take up to 10 treatments, sometimes more, to minimize the appearance of the Tattoo. Providing this service 1-2 times per month sometimes did not lend itself to the needs of our clients. Create new technology with quicker results and more convenience to our clients, Boom, we now own the Picoway and provide treatments five days a week.

In short, Picoway is quicker and more likely to achieve complete resolution of tattoos over traditional tattoo lasers. The Picoway, (TA-DA!) is a picosecond pulse duration versus a nanosecond pulse duration laser. The faster pulse duration breaks up the ink into smaller molecules. Therefore, it has the ability to absorb the ink better to be excreted out of the body. Having used the traditional tattoo laser for years, without a doubt we now have much more success resolving tattoos quicker with virtually no shadow or residual pigmentation. Our experience is that it takes ½ the treatments which means ½ the time to resolution. A true gold standard in Tattoo Removal.

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