What to Expect from Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal procedures and expectations

Getting a tattoo is a bigger decision than some people might realize. A tattoo is something that you’ll potentially carry with you for life, but some people will make the mistake of getting one on a whim only to regret it later. You might have heard of laser tattoo removal, you might even have already booked your session and are starting to feel nervous.

Laser tattoo removal can certainly sound intimidating, but knowing what to expect can do a lot to relieve potential anxiety. In the Emerge Medical & Well Spa blog, we like to educate our patients about some of our procedures work, to help you relax before you even arrive.

Does It Hurt?

Unfortunately, the answer to what is probably your first question is yes, getting a tattoo removed does hurt. However, it typically is much less painful than people undergoing treatment tend to expect. A lot of those who have undergone tattoo removal have compared the laser sensation as similar to having the tattoo applied. Depending on how you felt about getting your tattoo applied, you can set your expectations for its removal.

How Long Does It Take?

How long it takes for complete tattoo removal depends on a lot of different factors. The first – and most obvious – factor is how big and detailed your tattoo is. On average, most patients will need somewhere between five to eight sessions, although it has the potential to be more or less.

Another factor in the number and length of sessions is your own body. Your skin will need time to heal, and your immune system plays a part in getting rid of the ink too. While it’s hard to guarantee a specific time frame, discuss it with your laser treatment professional before you start.

Are There Side Effects?

Most patients will experience some side effects. The severity will depend on your own body, skin condition, and immune system. A lot of the side effects of laser tattoo removal are actually an important part of the healing process.

Swelling, blisters, scabs, bruises and general tenderness of the treatment area are among the normal side effects and are usually temporary. Scarring or permanent skin pigmentation issues are less common, severe side effects, but can be avoided by taking proper care of the area being treated.

Make Sure You Keep the Area Clean

Taking proper care of the treatment area is one of the major factors you need to be prepared for. Improper care is going to make scarring much more likely, so avoid picking scabs or popping any blisters in order to give them the chance to do their job. Keep the area clean, and let your clinic know if you experience anything outside of the normal side effects immediately.

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Contact Us About Tattoo Removal

If you’re looking for professional tattoo removal at a clinic where you know you can relax and trust that it’ll be done right, contact us about laser treatments today. Your comfort and relaxation is our priority, and we do everything we can to make sure you’re comfortable. Find out more about the other services we can offer on our website, and check back on our blog for more info soon.


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