M’lis Body Contour Wrap

Body Contour Wrap at EmergeM’lis Body Contour Wrap – Emerge Medical & Well Spa

This treatment delivers measurable results in 60 minutes.  It has become a favorite among our guest, especially those on a weight loss program.

These all natural body wraps are designed to reduce cellulite while providing a detox cleanse that eliminates the toxins in the fatty tissue. Once removed from the fatty tissue, these toxins are moved into the body’s lymphatic system and then removed through elimination. The M’Lis detox wrap is loaded with Niacin and Soy Oil.

We start with a full body exfoliation, then move to your before measurements from ankles to arms. Next we apply the M’Lis Stimulating Contour Wrap (Niacin and Soy Oil) and your body is physically wrapped in a cocoon. Finally the wrap processes for 60 minutes.

After complete, your body is re-measured to instantly show you the results. Many clients see 4-14 inches lost before the end of the session. A series of 3-6 wraps is recommended, 1 week apart, and one for every 5-10 pounds lost to help firm the tissues.

Services vary by location.