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Plasma Pen

Lift, tighten and shrink excess skin, with our Plasma Pen at Emerge Tulsa!

Plasma Pen is an advanced, non-invasive skin tightening and rejuvenation device. It transmits concentrated nitrogen plasma gas causing superficial micro-injury to the epidermal layer and thermal modification of the dermal layer which stimulates fibroblasts.

Instantly, the surface of the skin tightens, and over 12 weeks, collagen remodeling and elastin production occurs deeper in the skin.

What can we treat with Plasma Pen?
• Excess Eye Bags & Eye Lids • Crow’s Feet • Lip & Forehead Lines
• Crepey Neck & Décolleté • Pigmentation


miraDry is the only FDA-cleared treatment that dramatically reduces underarm sweat in as little as one appointment. Over 150,000 miraDry treatments have been performed worldwide. 

Permanent * Immediate * Non-surgical


Instantly tightens the skin with continued collagen synthesis for 12 weeks.

Non-invasive – the Plasma Pen does not make contact with the skin.

Plasma Peel” is ideal for uneven texture and tone as it brightens and resurfaces the entire face in one treatment.

How many treatments do I need?

It may take a series of treatments and different areas to achieve desired outcome.


The Plasma Pen procedure may cause swelling for a few days. Total down time could be 5-7 days while you heal.

Lasting Results

Skin renewal results from the Plasma Pen may last up to 3 years!

before and after images of crow's feet wrinkles removed

Available at our South Tulsa and Midtown locations!