How to Protect Your Skin From the Wind This Summer

There is no better pairing for a summer venture to the beach, mountains, lake, or downtown square than to achieve that picture-perfect moment. The sun is shining, the wind is whipping your hair across your face, and everyone is soaking in the moment together. Building memories in those times can be unforgettable, and we want them to be perfect for you! 

In today’s blog, we encourage you to check out Emerge Tulsa’s top tips for protecting your skin this summer against the wind and sun, so you will always be ready for a picture-perfect moment! 

What Am I Protecting My Skin From?

Where to start?! The world is a gorgeous place, but not everybody’s skin reacts the same to the natural elements. The Skin Cancer Foundation teaches us in their blog article Against the Wind the main effects the summer weather can cause on our skin. 

One common condition that results from sun exposure, often aggravated by wind exposure, is called photosensitivity. Photosensitivity comes from the UV rays that naturally exist, and the condition becomes magnified on the skin due to a reaction to a medication or topical product. 

Photosensitivity typically results from scented sunscreens and moisturizers. They smell lovely and seem like a great idea but they can lead to the appearance of rosacea. Rosacea looks similar to acne but isn’t at all caused by the same endocrine issues as acne. Rosacea is often treated with calming topical applications, and when severe, with medicine and laser treatments prescribed by a licensed dermatologist. 

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How Do I Protect My Skin Against the Wind?

Your skin is an organ just like the rest of your body. It requires its own daily maintenance and long-term care to ensure you continue to glow without fears of complications in the future.

Interestingly enough, the wind can often act like an exfoliant for old, dry skin. It will often remove that outer layer and leave the fresh underlying layer exposed to the harsh UV rays of the sun. Oftentimes this new layer is unprepared to protect itself against the sun, so long-term exposure can lead to mutations in the skin. These mutations could cause skin cancer.

1. In order to properly protect your skin, The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends you reduce your exposure to the sun on a windy day. 

2. If you plan to spend an extended period of time outdoors, we recommend you bring a protective UV barrier such as sunglasses, a hat, windbreaker, or something to shield your skin as much as possible without interfering with your fun. 

3. Using an emollient-rich sunscreen will ensure that the protective top layer of skin stays moisturized and intact. Emollient sunscreen is usually a rich cream or vitamin E, oil-based formula. It might feel a bit heavier, but it is definitely more protective than the sprays or lotions meant to tan more than protect. 

Also, Have Fun!

It is so important to live life to the fullest! We at Emerge Medical & Well Spa want to equip you to find balance in life through self-care. Learning this balance will put your inner glow on your face before you know it! Feel free to reach out to ask us any questions you might have on how to prepare for your skin this summer. For more information on additional services please reach out to us at one of our three locations or book an appointment.

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