What Does Hyaluronic Acid Do for Your Skin? Emerge Tulsa Explains

Ever since the skincare craze of 2020 struck, everyone wants to be on the cusp of the next cleanser or serum that will give them the glowing skin we all crave. From at-home beauty remedies to expensive bottled products, there are holy grail items around every corner. It can be hard to differentiate between the legitimate products and the ones that will waste your money. Here at Emerge Tulsa, we want to shine a light on the products that are worth the hype. 

Hyaluronic Acid

First on the list is hyaluronic acid. You’ve probably seen it raved about in Allure Magazine or talked about by your favorite celebrity in their skincare routine. Unlike some of the other popular products, this one has earned the hype. It’s been around for quite some time, but it’s just recently gotten the attention it deserves. 

So what exactly is hyaluronic acid? 

It’s a natural sugary substance produced by the human body. It exists in the fluid of the joints, eyes, and skin. While there are uses for hyaluronic acid that range from joint disorders, acid reflux, optical dryness, and more, it’s gained popularity for its skin benefits. 

Within the body, hyaluronic acid is what makes the skin retain water and hold its shape. Naturally, it does the same thing for the skin. When used as a serum, it soaks into our skin and helps the face absorb the moisturizer we use. It is loved by many for the plump and hydrated look that hyaluronic acid can provide. 

What Is It Used For?

Whether someone uses it for wrinkle treatment or prevention or to aid in achieving the coveted glowing complexion, it is one of the few valuable products to just about anyone. Because it doesn’t dry the skin or cause any damage, it can be purchased over the counter and used for any skin type. Hyaluronic acid is easy to incorporate into just about any skincare routine. 

The use of hyaluronic acid helps to make your skin look firm, dewy, and wrinkle-free. It is not only because of how it maintains moisture but also because it promotes elasticity in the dermis. This means the skin is less wrinkle-prone and less likely to flake or crack. 

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Emerge Tulsa On Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is one of the few popular products in circulation today that has earned its reputation. Whether in a mask, a serum, or a spa treatment at Emerge Tulsa, we recommend you find a way to incorporate it into your routine today. If you have any other questions on skincare or would like to book an appointment, please visit our website, or call us at 918.392.8606.


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