Intro to SPF

Sing it with me…”Summa, Summa, Summa tiiiiiiime…” That Will Smith really knows what he’s talking about. Doesn’t that song just make you want to smile though? Summer is almost here and now that we’ve wrapped up injectables, let’s dive into SPF.

Who doesn’t love being tan, right? Being tan can make you feel more confident, boost your mood and can sometimes even make you feel slimmer. Having a tan is somewhat magical.

Listen, there’s no shame in wanting to be tan, there’s even no shame in having a tan, but you just need to do it safely to avoid serious problems in the future. Not to mention how it also puts you on the fast track for aging. So let’s take a quick poll. Raise your hand if you’ve ever laid in a tanning bed.

I’m raising one hand and typing with the other because I’m guilty myself. If only I knew what I know now.

Well, that’s not entirely true, even when I tanned I knew how bad it was but having a nice dark tan to impress the hot guy in my math class meant more to me than the dangers of skin cancer in my future. I thought to myself “it’ll be years before I have to really worry about that.”

I don’t mean to speak ill of tanning beds, but let’s get real, they’re no good. Not only do several people use them and abuse them, but extreme exposure to UV rays like that is problematic.

After growing out of my tanning phase, I thought I deserved a gold medal. “I’m so amazing. Look at how pale I am. I haven’t tanned in a year. Go me.” But little did I know it takes a lot more than that to really protect you from harmful rays every single day.

So now, the 31 year old me wears SPF on my face, neck, décolleté and the back of my hands all day er’day, but with summer around the corner it’s time for me to really step up my SPF game and you probably should too. It’s always good to have little reminders.

And if a tanned bod is what you’re after, then get yourself an airbrush tan! There are safe options out there to give you dark, glowing skin!

In the coming weeks, we’re going to talk about what SPF is, how it protects you and what extended exposure to the sun can do to your skin and health. We’re also going to give you the scoop on what products we carry that you can grab in a pinch that will give you lasting coverage while keeping your wrinkles at bay.

See you next week, followers.

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