Know your ABC’s

As we near the end of summer, be mindful of the damage the sun may have done to your skin. Do you know your ABC’s? (See chart below)

Here are some tips for detecting skin cancer.

When in doubt, check it out! Always be on the lookout for anything on your skin that may be cause for concern and if you notice anything abnormal or if you’re not sure, it’s always a good idea to be on the safe side and call your dermatologist! 

Buddy up! Make a pact with a close friend or your spouse or whoever you’re comfortable with and check each other out! After all, you can’t see your own back. 

Speak up! If you see an abnormality on a friend, say something! You could SAVE their life! 

Be safe, stay protected with your favorite SPF and as always, stay pale followers.

Skin cancer


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