Emerge Tulsa’s Insights On Steps To Become a Licensed Cosmetologist

Are you interested in becoming a Licensed Cosmetologist and working with Emerge Medical & Well Spa? We’d love to discuss the qualifications it takes! In today’s blog we’ll cover the qualification process to becoming a Licensed Cosmetologist through the state of Oklahoma. 

What Is A Cosmetologist?

According to the Oklahoma Cosmetology and Barbering Act a cosmetologist is any person holding the job position of: beauticians, beauty culturists, beauty operators, cosmeticians, cosmetologists, or hairdressers, or any other person holding himself or herself out as practicing cosmetology. 

The act of Cosmetology itself includes: bleaching, cleansing, curling, cutting, coloring, dressing, removing, singeing, styling, waving or similar work upon the hair of any person by any means, whether with hands or mechanical or electrical apparatus or appliances. 

Pretty succinct! In order to pursue your passion, it isn’t hard to get started. 

So, How Do I Become One In Oklahoma?

A cosmetology license in Oklahoma lasts for 1 year and must be renewed on the last day of the birthday month of the license holder. In order to obtain your license the following requirements must be met:

  • Completion of 1500 hours of study or an equivalent number of credit hours
  • Pass a written and practical exam
  • Must be over the age of sixteen (16)
  • Must have completed at least the eighth grade

There are also a few fees involved:

  • Exam fee – $35.00
  • Application/Initial Fee – $25.00
  • License Renewal Fee – $25.00
  • Delinquency Fee (License expired over two months) – $10.00


Other than these minuscule rules and regulations, it isn’t hard to become a valued member of our cosmetology team here at Emerge Medical & Well Spa!

Emerge Medical & Well Spa On Working With Us

If you are interested in working for an incredible team that focuses on client education for self-care and wellness while fostering a passionate environment geared toward regeneration, call Emerge Medical & Well Spa to see if this is the right place for you. We would love to hear from you!

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