Hormone Replacement Therapy Myths Debunked

4 Myths About Hormone​ ​Replacement​ ​Therapy

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Have you heard of hormone replacement therapy? Are you experiencing hormonal shifts due to menopause or andropause? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then you have probably considered hormone replacement. The discomfort, hot flashes, and fatigue associated with lowering estrogen levels in women and the mood swings, low energy, and low sex drive associated with lowering testosterone in men bring many people to this treatment. But, you may have heard some news out there that discouraged you. How much of it is true? And how much is pure bunk? Emerge Medical & Well Spa gets to the bottom of it in today’s blog.

Hormone Replacement Therapy Is Only for Women

Although most people who opt for hormone replacement therapy are women, men can benefit from the therapy as well. The false narratives surrounding menopause has made it seem as though women change drastically during menopause, and men stay the same. This simply isn’t true. Men even have diurnal rhythms in which testosterone levels cycle in 24 hours. When men age, their testosterone levels drop but at a much slower pace than women, and this is called andropause.

The Therapy Will Give You Cancer

In one study, researchers found that when combined with progestin, estrogen therapy could lead to a slightly increased risk of cancer. The same research also found that the estrogen therapy by itself reduced women’s risk of getting breast cancer by nearly 18%! Of course, people like to dwell on the gloom and doom statistics, but that 18% is a great number in support of hormone replacement therapy.

The Therapy Can Only Help Symptoms as They Arise

If you start regulating your hormones during the perimenopause (before menopause) phase and continue treatment through menopause and the postmenopausal phase, then you will feel reduced symptoms. This therapy’s hormones function exactly like your naturally produced hormones would. This prevents long-term issues from arising throughout the menopausal process.

The Therapy Won’t Help with Weight

Hormone replacement therapy does not advertise itself as a weight loss program or the Atkins diet, but it can potentially help you keep off weight. The hormone imbalances that occur during menopause and andropause often leave you feeling lethargic. Keeping your hormones in balance will not magically burn calories, but it will help you maintain the energy to exercise. The rest is up to you.

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