Between the Sheets

This month it’s all about how you feel between the sheets.

FEEL LIKE YOURSELF AGAIN: It all starts with how you’re feeling on the inside. Loss of libido? Feeling fatigued? Experiencing weight gain? BioTe might be the answer! Learn more.

RESTORE ROMANCE: In a relationship rut? Step outside of your usual dinner and a movie and explore the more intimate side with couples massages.

INTIMATE WELLNESS: Women: As we age, it’s natural that our vaginal wellness takes a backseat to many other aspects of our lives. Discover the benefits of our CO2RE Intima treatments. Don’t be embarrassed! It happens to all of us! Learn more.

Woman gets laser treatment on face

Laser Hair Removal FAQs

Laser hair removal is a better alternative to plucking, waxing, and other standard hair removal methods. Although it’s a widely popular procedure, many first-timers have