Common Myths About Allergy Testing

Emerge Medical & Well Spa: Common Myths About Allergy Testing

Allergies differ from person-to-person. However, both mild and severe allergies can have a negative impact on your life. Nothing’s quite as annoying as frequently suffering from headaches, skin rashes, cold symptoms, and wheezing. Emerge Medical & Well Spa can help to detect these symptoms early to get to the root of the problem.

There are many misconceptions surrounding allergy testing. While the internet has many sources for medical advice, we suggest you see our professional team to ensure accuracy. Read on to learn about some common allergy testing myths and why you should seek out our professionals.

Myth: All Allergy Tests Are the Same

There have been several new allergy testing methods introduced recently. At-home tests sold in drugstores and ancestry kits that look at past family health are two examples of allergy testing methods that are not accurate. The two most common allergy testing methods that provide accurate information are skin tests and blood tests.

Skin testing and blood testing help to ensure the most accurate information. Skin testing is the oldest, most reliable, and most common form of allergy testing. At Emerge Medical & Well Spa, we offer skin testing that is pain-free and can take as little as 15 minutes to reveal the source of your allergy troubles.

Myth: Only Children Need to Get Allergy Tested

While allergy testing is commonly performed at early ages, it is not solely for children. We highly encourage adults who haven’t had an allergy test to come to Emerge in order to find a solution. Allergies can develop later in life, and new symptoms can arise at any time. They often become relevant at some of the most inconvenient times. We want to give you relief from these symptoms through our natural immunotherapy treatment.

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Myth: You Must Completely Avoid Anything That Tested Positive

While there are items that might need to be avoided, there are often allergens that simply need to be taken in moderation. Our team is able to thoroughly explain the severity of allergens and how you need to address them in the future. After looking at the test, we are able to examine other factors to reinforce these results. Some of the results may show as positive, meaning there is a possibility for an allergy. With immunotherapy, there are different options available that are personally customized to your specific treatment.

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Emerge Medical & Well Spa Can Help

Emerge Medical & Well Spa offers allergy testing that can provide accurate results in a quick and painless way. Our professionals are there to work with you through the process, providing support during and after the test. Immunotherapy treatment is a true solution for allergy treatment.

Determining your allergies early can help you feel healthy and beautiful. To learn more about our immunotherapy treatment, look at our wellness services page. Call the Emerge Medical & Well Spa at (918) 392-8606 and make an allergy testing appointment today!

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