The Impact of Allergies on Beauty and Wellness

Beauty and Wellness: The Impact of Allergies

Chronic allergies can have a big impact on your beauty and wellness, and sometimes it can feel like there isn’t a good solution. Many allergy sufferers try to treat and cover up the symptoms with home remedies, cleansers and makeup. Other allergy sufferers turn to prescription medication that reduces symptoms but does little to address the underlying causes.

At Emerge Medical & Well Spa, we are dedicated to protecting the beauty and wellness of every client, and that’s why we offer allergy testing and immunotherapy. Read on in today’s blog to learn about the impact of allergies on beauty and wellness.

The Impact of Allergies on Beauty

Whether you have an important business meeting or you are simply running errands, allergies can have a negative impact on your natural beauty, and that impacts your confidence as you move through your day. We believe that everyone should feel healthy, confident and beautiful, so when allergies get in the way it’s time for action!

One of the most common symptoms of allergies is dry, irritated skin. This often leads to pink or red discoloration of the skin on the face, neck and chest. Inflammation is also common, resulting in puffiness and sensitivity. The area around the eyes is particularly vulnerable to allergic reaction, where swelling of eyelids and under eyes has a large impact on beauty and confidence. Itchy, watery eyes are also common.

All of these symptoms make it difficult to feel your best. They can get in the way of the daily cleansing and makeup routine that many sufferers usually use to handle the symptoms. When you find that home remedies and makeup aren’t enough to cover up the problem of allergies, it’s time to start looking for a real solution.

The Impact of Allergies on Wellness

In addition to the common allergy impacts on beauty, there are also many effects on general wellness. Allergies often cause symptoms similar to the common cold, such as obstructed sinuses, runny nose, sore throat and cough.

When allergies make you feel unwell, it’s time to take the problem seriously. At Emerge Medical & Well Spa, we believe that true beauty emerges from whole-body wellness and great personal health. That’s why we provide holistic health and beauty solutions for our clients. We go beyond treating the symptoms; we treat the real causes.

Allergy Testing with Emerge Medical & Well Spa

The comprehensive allergy testing service offered at Emerge Medical & Well Spa is your first step towards freedom from allergies. We will assess your sensitivity to a full panel of allergens, so that you know exactly what the issue is. Once the allergen is identified, the next step is intensive immunotherapy treatment. This treatment conditions your immune system to respond properly to the target allergen, potentially reducing or eliminating allergic symptoms for the rest of your life!

If you are suffering from allergies that impact your beauty and your health, you are not alone. Many people find relief every day with allergy testing and immunotherapy. Reach out to the experts at Emerge Medical & Well Spa to discover the right solution for you!

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Emerge: A Brief Explanation of Immunotherapy

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Immunotherapy – Emerge Medical & Well Spa

Allergies can have a significant effect on your quality of life. If you are suffering from allergies, it is possible that immunotherapy can provide you with some much-needed relief. Read on to find out more about what exactly immunotherapy is and how it was developed!

What is Immunotherapy?

Immunotherapy is the practice of either subcutaneous or sublingual administration of allergens to an allergic individual. The idea is to help them slowly build up an immunity to the allergen so that, eventually, it no longer causes problems. This differs from medication in that it treats the underlying issues of the allergic reaction.

Subcutaneous Immunotherapy: This is administered as a vaccine. Due to its higher dosage, this type of immunotherapy should always be given by a trained medical professional.

Sublingual Immunotherapy: This tends to be a little safer because the doses are smaller. With this kind of immunotherapy, a drop of the allergen is placed under the tongue of the allergic individual. You can also take sublingual tablets.

A Brief History

The concept of immunotherapy was developed by physicians Noon and Freeman in the late 19th and early 20th century. Their research centered around hay fever. Noon recognized that when exposed to the hay fever toxin for long enough, some people built up an immunity to it. So, he hypothesized that if they injected allergic patients with a small dose of the toxin, over time, they would become immune. His hypothesis proved correct, and this method was used to treat hay fever throughout the 30s. Today it is a more mainstream medical practice for a variety of allergies, and it has improved the lives of many people.

Come See Us at Emerge!

If you think this treatment would benefit you, visit us at Emerge Medical & Well Spa. We offer immunotherapy treatment for our patients (shots, sublingual drop, and tables), and we would love to be able to help you. If you want to live a freer, healthier life, contact us today to learn more and set up an appointment!

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Why You Should Get Allergy Testing and Immunotherapy at Emerge Medical & Well Spa

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Benefits of Allergy Testing and Immunotherapy at Emerge Medical & Well Spa

Anyone who has experienced seasonal allergies knows exactly how debilitating they can be. Symptoms like headaches, skin rashes, sinus infections, and breathing problems can all be a result of allergic reactions. At Emerge Medical & Well Spa, we offer full-service allergy testing and immunotherapy treatment so you can be free from your allergies. Learn more about the benefits of our Allergy Testing and Immunotherapy treatment and why you should schedule an appointment with Emerge Medical & Well Spa today.

Why We Experience Allergic Reactions

Our immune system produces substances known as antibodies. When you experience allergic reactions, your body produces antibodies in order to combat allergens that your body mistakenly thinks are harmful even though they aren’t. Your immune system reacts to what it sees as a potential threat, causing inflammation of your skin, sinuses, airways, and digestive system.

So many things can cause an allergic reaction in daily life that many people struggle to identify the exact cause of their reactions. However, Allergy Testing with Emerge Medical & Well Spa helps you uncover exactly what causes your reactions, so you can finally do treat them with immunotherapy.


In theory, avoiding your allergic triggers would prevent you from experiencing your symptoms. However, avoidance is often either difficult or impossible. For instance, if you have a reaction to pet dander, you certainly won’t want to part ways with your puppy. Or if you have a pollen allergy, you are still going to need to go outside during pollen season. So what can you do for treatment?

Emerge Medical & Well Spa has the solution in the form of immunotherapy treatment. Immunotherapy treatment works by slowly introducing those allergens in tiny amounts via injections or drops under your tongue. As the treatment progresses, the concentration increases until you reach a maintenance level where your immune system recognizes the element as harmless and no longer reacts with antibodies.

This is the only treatment that is designed to fix the root cause of your allergy problems, instead of simply treating the symptoms. In addition, the results are long-term — potentially even permanent.

Contact Emerge Medical & Well Spa Today

If you suffer from allergies and need a solution, contact Emerge Medical & Well Spa to set up an appointment for a consultation today. You can call us at 918-392-8606 to speak with one of our specialists, or you can submit an appointment application online. Don’t let allergies impact your quality of life for another day, let Emerge Medical & Well Spa help you achieve relief.

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