Fitzpatrick Scale

This system classifies skin type according to the amount of pigment your skin has and your skin's reaction to sun exposure.

What’s one thing that every human has in common? 

We all have a Fitzpatrick skin type! We may not share the same type, but all skin can be classified between types 1 through 6. Your skin type is used by skin care professionals to distinguish which treatments are most suitable for you. Maybe you’ve noticed your New Client paperwork asks questions about how your skin does in the sun, your ethnicity, hair color, eye color… All of these traits help distinguish this, as well.

The fairer skin types are less likely to develop pigmentation, from things like thermal energy in lasers, while more melanated skin is often sensitive to certain acids. All skin responds in its own way, even skin of the same Fitzpatrick type.

Do you know your Fitzpatrick Type?