Laser / RF / Thermal Energy Treatments

Plasma IQ (Plasma Lift)

Plasma IQ is a minimally invasive treatment that rejuvenates skin with advanced energy-based technology. Plasma IQ is FDA cleared to be used in the removal and destruction of skin lesions and the coagulation of tissue. Microbeams of plasma provide focused energy treatment to tighten, rejuvenation, and remove unwanted skin lesions for a refreshed and renewed appearance.

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As Plasma IQ approaches the surface of the skin, it ionizes atmospheric nitrogen gas particles in the air to create a plasma arc that looks like a spark. The heat energy delivered by the plasma arc create controlled microinjuries to the upper layers of the skin. This results in tightening and contraction of the skin to restore skin health and regeneration. Achieving best results may require more than one treatment. After initial healing, a subsequent treatment may be performed, if necessary, 8 to 12 weeks later.

  • Face (including forehead, brow lift, upper/lower eyelids, tear troughs, crow’s feet, bunny lines, around the mouth and jowl line)
  • Earlobes
  • Neck
  • Décolleté
  • Abdomen
  • and Scars
  • Rejuvenates the skin to reduce the signs of aging
  • May improve skin smoothness and texture
  • Encourages the skin’s natural glow
  • Treatment typically under 30 minutes, depending on the area(s) treated
  • PLASMA IQ treatment involves the use of a local anesthetic, either topical or injected, for pain control. Immediately after treatment, brown dots (carbon crusts) will be visible for approximately 5 to 7 days following your procedure. In rare cases, these brown dots may desquamate (flake off) and be replaced with pink markings while the skin is regenerating. This may last for up to 8 weeks and will typically resolve naturally as the skin heals below the surface. Minor swelling of the treatment areas and surrounding skin may be present for a few days after treatment and bruising may occur from the local anesthetic injections. The skin in the treatment area(s) may be pink for several weeks but patients with lighter skin complexions may have redness that lasts for several months before finally fading.

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