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Our owners, Belinda Stewart and Taryn Schell were featured in the November 2022 issue of Vanity Fair. This featured article marks yet another career milestone for the powerhouse duo!
During the summer of 2022 Taryn received what she thought to be spam from a contact with the Vanity Fair. They were reaching out to see if she and Belinda would be interested in being featured in their November issue. Taryn laughed and thought “yea right. Vanity Fair? Who’s going to call me next, Vogue?” Little did she know it was the real deal.

After being very persistent to get in touch with Taryn, even going so far as to write her a message on Facebook, Taryn reluctantly agreed to a phone call to hear the pitch. They were looking for four female owned, prominently known businesses in the state of Oklahoma and Emerge had made the cut.

The contact explained that after her careful research she discovered that Emerge was a staple in the state and she knew Taryn and Belinda would be the perfect fit for this type of feature piece. How could they say no?

Fast forward to the fall and it arrived. There it was, in print. Belinda says she and Taryn are both still pinching themselves that this became a reality.

An event like this deserved a special occasion like a cocktail launch party.

Vogue called this time and Taryn and Belinda were yet again featured in a national publication. 
It really happened…Vogue called. Much like our experience with Vanity Fair, Taryn and Belinda were invited to be featured for being female owners of one of the most successful businesses in the state.

Emerge has always stood out in the medical spa and wellness industry in northeast Oklahoma because Taryn and Belinda are like minded professionals that continue to carry out their vision of what Emerge can bring to Tulsa and that vision has lead them to success year after year.
Amy Oden, co-owner of our Integrative Medicine location, was featured in Healthcare Business Review.
In October 2023, Amy Oden was recognized in Healthcare Business Review for being one of the top 10 hormone therapy providers in the nation and the only provider recognized in the state of Oklahoma.

“Emerge Integrative Medicine stands as a pillar of support for those seeking hormone replacement therapy. Led by Amy Oden, MSN, APRN, FNP-C, ABAAHP, the clinic takes a transformative approach to healthcare, specializing in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy with a focus on enhancing the overall patient experience.”