What Is MiraDry and How Does It Work?

MiraDry Emerge Medical & Well Spa

MiraDry is a world-renowned, FDA-cleared treatment that dramatically reduces underarm sweat in as little as one appointment. More than 150,000 treatments have been performed worldwide! In today’s blog from Emerge Medical & Well Spa, we explain what MiraDry is and how it works. 

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What is MiraDry?

MiraDry is designed to reduce or eliminate sweat from your underarms. This is particularly handy for people who have hyperhidrosis, or abnormally high amounts of sweat. The FDA cleared MiraDry as a treatment in 2015.  

Is MiraDry risky?

MiraDry is completely safe. Your body has anywhere from 2 to 4 million sweat glands, yet only 2 percent of them are in your underarms. Getting rid of the sweat glands in your underarms doesn’t affect your body’s natural cooling mechanism on hot days or during strenuous exercise.

How does MiraDry work?

A technician marks your underarm with temporary tattoos to prepare for your treatment. We also numb the area for comfort. Then, we use a handheld device that delivers precise amounts of microwaves to the underarm area. The intense heat created by the microwaves destroys sweat glands permanently. The entire procedure takes about an hour in a single appointment. It’s completely safe, and you can return to normal daily activities immediately.

What are the side effects of MiraDry?

Patients who undergo MiraDry typically have soreness or minor swelling in the treated area, which can last a few days. You may also experience numbness or tingling in the upper arm or underarm for up to four or five weeks. Try not to schedule your treatment close to a time when you have an important meeting or going on a trip because the discomfort could be distracting. We recommend you take it easy for a few days after your MiraDry treatment.

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MiraDry at Emerge Medical & Well Spa

MiraDry is one of the many FDA-cleared laser treatments we perform here at Emerge Medical & Well Spa. Our clients and customers swear by this procedure! If you’re tired of sweating from your armpits, a MiraDry treatment might be for you. Contact Emerge Tulsa or call (918) 392-8606 for more details on our services.

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How to Care for Your Skin After Laser Treatment

Laser treatment can address many skin concerns, including scarring, redness, and pigmentation. Following a treatment, it’s essential to take care of your skin so you can have a clear and smooth complexion. If you’re wondering what the best post-treatment procedure is, Emerge Medical and Well Spa is here to help. Today, we share some tips for skin care after a laser treatment.

Expect Downtime

When you have laser treatment, your skin will be delicate and easily irritated. Your expected downtime can vary, depending on the depth and type of the laser. But it can take several days or weeks to completely heal and show maximum results. If you use the wrong skin care products, such as retinol and harsh cleansers, they can damage your skin.

Wear a High SPF Sunscreen

After the laser treatment, sun protection should be your top priority. Your skin is very sensitive in the healing phase, and dark spots could form if you don’t wear a good SPF sunscreen. Wear sunscreen that offers an SPF of 30 or above to protect against both UVA and UVB rays.

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Keep Your Skin Clean

For optimal results, keep your skin moist, hydrated, and clean. Avoid high impact exercise and stay away from acid-based or exfoliating cleansers. Instead, use a product like Aquaphor or another gentle moisturizer to cleanse your skin. You may need to limit your makeup as well. Consult the team at Emerge about which ingredients are right for you and when you can begin wearing makeup again.

Reduce Inflammation

Comfort is another aspect of good skin care. If your skin appears swollen and red after your laser treatment, apply cooling packs and cold compresses to the area. You can use an extra pillow (or two) to sleep in an elevated position to help alleviate inflammation.

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Laser Treatments at Emerge Medical & Well Spa

At Emerge, we provide a plethora of laser treatments in a comfortable and welcoming environment. Whether you need laser treatment for acne scars or laser hair removal, we have you covered. Request an appointment online or contact our staff in Tulsa to see what treatment is right for you. We’ll see you at the spa!

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Benefits of PicoWay Tattoo Removal

Woman laying down on stomach going through laser tattoo removal on her backIf you decide that you want your tattoo removed, it’s important to know that not all tattoo removal services are the same. Just like tattoo shops, some tattoo removal treatments are more effective than others, and some tattoo removal shops are cleaner than others! To help you with your decision, Emerge Medical & Well Spa in Tulsa is here today to talk about the benefits of PicoWay Tattoo Removal. 

It’s Fast and Comfortable

Unlike traditional laser tattoo removal, PicoWay uses ultra fast bursts of energy to target ink for a quicker and more comfortable delivery. 

It Works on All Tattoos

Traditional laser tattoo removal had varying results based on the size, placement, color, and even the quality of the tattoo. PicoWay has changed the game by offering a process that can break up the ink into tiny particles, making it effective on any tattoo!

It Works on All Skin Tones

Traditional laser tattoo removal was also limited to individuals with lighter skin tone, and was particularly ineffective and even damaging to those with more natural pigment. That is not the case with PicoWay! This technology is both safe and effective for all skin tones.

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Faster Results

Clients who undergo PicoWay tattoo removal can see results in half the time of those who have undergone traditional laser tattoo removal! That means less pain, more efficient delivery, and less time with an unwanted tattoo. 

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PicoWay Tattoo Removal at Emerge Medical & Well Spa

If you are ready to get rid of your unwanted tattoo, trust our medical experts at Emerge Medical & Well Spa in Tulsa with the PicoWay laser tattoo removal treatment! Our experienced staff can help safely and effectively remove your tattoo for your desired results. To get started, request an appointment or call us at 918-392-8606 for more information!



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Emerge Answers: Can I Benefit from Acne Laser Treatment?

Girl with Acne Looking in the Mirror

Can I Benefit from Acne Laser Treatment? Emerge Has the Answer!

Even with a perfect skincare routine, a healthy diet and daily exercise, scarring, and discoloration from acne can feel like a permanent problem. Whether the acne scarring is decades old or you have ongoing acne issues, the trusted team at Emerge Medical & Well Spa has the perfect solution. If you have questions about whether Acne Laser Treatment is right for you, read on for all the answers!

What If I Have Current Acne Issues? No Problem!

Many people with scars and discoloration from old acne may still occasionally suffer from new acne issues as well. If you think that you have to wait to treat your acne scars until your current acne issues are resolved, think again!

The advanced Syneron Elos Laser Treatment actively cures existing acne issues at the same time it heals scars and discoloration from old acne. If you aren’t sure if you can benefit from Acne Laser Therapy because you have current acne issues, don’t worry!

Do I Have to Worry About Pain? Not at All!

If you want to treat existing scars and discoloration but you are concerned about the treatment procedure, there’s no need to worry. With the Syneron Elos Laser Treatment, there is no pain or discomfort at all! The process is quick and painless, with minimal redness and no irritation. There’s no reason to fear because this easy outpatient procedure is pain-free and fast!

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Do I Have to Worry About Timing? No Way!

Many patients hesitate to undergo skin treatment therapies because they don’t have time in their busy schedules for extensive and complicated treatments. We understand! Whether you have a photoshoot scheduled on short notice or you are planning a whirlwind wedding, we understand that timing is everything. You want a treatment that allows you to get back to daily life, with your regular skincare routine, makeup and beauty products.

With our advanced Syneron Elos system, the laser does not ablate the skin — meaning it does not exfoliate or break the skin. You will experience minimal redness which subsides within minutes, and then you can use your normal skincare and makeup routine. In fact, with Acne Laser Treatment from Emerge Medical & Well Spa, you can apply makeup almost immediately after treatment.

Is It Right for My Skin Type? Always!

Acne Laser Treatment at Emerge Medical & Well Spa is perfect for any skin type. Whether you have naturally dry or oily skin, Acne Laser Treatment will work quickly and effectively to make your skin look amazing. This treatment works great for every shade and color of skin.

Whether your acne scars are old or new, this is a great solution for you. Even if your acne scars are from decades ago, and even if you have new acne issues that are ongoing, the Syneron Elos system at Emerge Medical & Well Spa will make a big beautiful difference for the health of your skin.

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Advanced Care for Everyone – Emerge Medical & Well Spa

At Emerge Medical & Well Spa, we believe that every patient deserves to look and feel their best, their healthiest, and their most beautiful. Our experienced team of professionals will take the time to truly understand your health and beauty goals, and we will build a complete, holistic care plan that is perfect for you. Reach out to our team today and discover what’s possible.

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Common Reasons for Laser Treatment

Getting laser treatment

Why You Might Need Laser Treatment

There was once a time when lasers were the stuff of futuristic sci-fi movies. Today, lasers are part of everyday life at Emerge Medical & Well Spa, where we use the latest technological advances to offer health and beauty to our customers. Laser treatments are used for a variety of reasons, including the rejuvenation of skin and the removal of unwanted hair and blemishes. Read on to learn more about laser treatment and discover how this service can benefit your health and beauty.

Skin Resurfacing Laser Treatment

As we age, our bodies begin to change, our cells don’t regenerate as quickly, and our skin loses its natural beauty. Daily exposure to sun and wind damage affects the collagen in your skin, creating lines, wrinkles and skin spots.

At Emerge Medical & Well Spa, we use Sublative laser treatments to successfully reverse mild and moderate skin imperfections, such as wrinkles and textural anomalies. This service allows you to rejuvenate your skin in a way that your cells can no longer accomplish naturally, resulting in smooth, supple and flawless younger looking skin.

Vaginal Rejuvenation Services

It’s not just the skin on your face which requires a little help with aging. As time goes on, women tend to lose some of the tightness and tone of the vagina. This can make sexual intimacy feel different and can take a toll on your self-esteem. Vaginal tone tends to be particularly different for women who have had children. You may notice that even something as simple as holding back urine can be difficult during a cough, sneeze or laugh. Changes in hormones also cause the vaginal skin to thin and natural lubrication to decrease.

Believe it or not, there is a laser treatment which can help with these problems, and it’s called CORE INTIMA. Our CORE INTIMA laser is a non-invasive, surgery-free method of improving tone and sensation in the vagina. We’re proud to note that over 73% of our customers have reported a positive difference, especially during intimacy, following this treatment.

Acne Scar Revision Treatment

Whether as a teen or as an adult, acne gets the best of us all. Pimples are an unfortunate side effect of the oils and pores in our skin. When pores or sebaceous oil glands become blocked with debris and oil, bacteria causes acne to form. When acne gets picked, scratched or poked, it can cause scarring on the face. Fortunately, our medical spa offers a solution in the form of Syneron Elos technology. This bi-polar radio frequency combined with blue light laser treatment kills the bacteria that causes acne and reduces the appearance of scarring.

Safe, effective and virtually painless, most of our clients resume work or school the same day they are treated. It’s an effective and affordable way to manage acne.

Laser Treatment for Hair Removal

Nobody likes shaving underarms, eyebrows and legs. Our hair laser treatment uses Candela technology called GentleLASE which removes unwanted hair without gel, razors or wax. This process is a perfectly safe and affordable way to get smooth, hairless skin.

Tattoo Removal By Laser

Some tattoos are keepers, but from time to time even the biggest tattoo enthusiast gets some ink they wish they hadn’t. Removing tattoos was once impossible, but our advanced laser technology allows us to remove unwanted tattoos and help your skin look clean and new again.

If you’re interested in learning more about any of the treatment options at Emerge Medical & Well Spa, give us a call! Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are happy to help our clients understand our procedures and determine which are best suited to their needs.

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Four Factors to Consider Before Getting Laser Treatments

Laser treatments

Things to Consider Before Getting Laser Treatments

Laser treatments are a great way to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, scars, and other blemishes. Although these treatments can be incredibly successful, it’s important to do your research beforehand. When and where you get your treatment makes all the difference. To help you with your research, we’ve laid out a few things you should consider before getting laser treatments.

#1. Time of Year

The time of year matters a great deal when you are getting laser treatments. After your treatment, your skin is hypersensitive to sun exposure, so you will not want to schedule your treatment during a time of year where you will be outside a lot. Instead, you should schedule your treatment during the fall. This gives your skin plenty of time to heal and recover during the winter months when you are spending most of your time indoors. During the spring and summer, you should continue to protect your sensitive skin with sunscreen.

#2. Type of Treatment

There are many different types of laser treatments, and the type you choose will impact the type of laser used. For example, CO2 lasers are used to treat wrinkles and scars while pulsed-dye lasers are used to treat redness and hyperpigmentation. IPL (intense pulsed light) is not technically a laser, but it is used to treat acne, sun damage, and other related issues.

Of course, when you go in for a consultation, you will not need to know the types of lasers, but you should know your individual goals. Consider why you want treatment: to treat your acne scars, reduce wrinkles, treat rosacea, or all of the above? By knowing your goals, you will help the specialist know which type of laser is needed.

#3. Recovery Times

As a non-surgical treatment, laser treatments do not involve extensive recoveries. Still, you should plan some recovery time into your schedule. While some people experience significant scabbing as the skin heals, others experience no problems whatsoever. If you notice any redness or scabs, take a day or two off work to let yourself fully recover.

#3. Who Performs the Laser Treatments

Not all laser treatments are successful. To make sure you get the best results, work with a highly-trained professional. Pick a treatment provider based on their experience and qualifications, not their discounts or prices. At Emerge Medical & Well Spa, we work with registered nurses and nurse practitioners who have extensive experience in cosmetic treatments.

Contact Emerge Medical & Well Spa

If you are looking for laser treatments in the Tulsa area, contact Emerge Medical & Well Spa. Our team of registered nurses has extensive experience in cosmetic treatments, including Botox injections, dermal fillers, and more. Contact us today for a consultation!

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Getting Laser Treatments for Acne Scars

Laser Treatments for Acne Scars

Laser treatment for acne scars

While most people experience acne during their teenage years, it can happen to anyone at any age. The condition is caused by the overproduction of oil in the skin’s glands, which gives rise to pimples. In some cases, acne can be so severe that it causes permanent scarring. Scarring is normal, but it can leave a lasting impact on someone’s self-esteem. Luckily, you can reduce the appearance of acne scars through laser treatments. In this blog, Emerge Medical & Well Spa discusses how the treatment works and how it may help you.

What are Laser Treatments?

Laser treatments are a revolutionary, non-invasive procedure designed to reduce the appearance of scars, dark spots, wrinkles, and other skin blemishes. The technique directs short, concentrated beams of light at irregular skin, which removes the skin layer by layer. Essentially, the treatment sweeps away damaged tissue, revealing new skin tissue underneath. The treatment is fast, easy, and is usually completed within 40 minutes. Depending on your condition, you may have to undergo four or five treatments.

How Does it Help with Acne Scars?

Laser treatments are one of the safest, most effective ways to reduce the appearance of acne scars. Unlike harsh chemical peels, there are fewer risks with seeking this non-invasive treatment. All you need to do is lie down while the beam of light is applied directly to your scars.

Depending on the color and severity of your scars, a different laser will be used. Most of the time, a fractional laser treatment will be applied. With this treatment, a small portion of the skin is treated with a laser while the rest of your skin is spared. This stimulates fast healing of skin tissues and increases collagen production. After four or five visits, the appearance of your acne scars should reduce and you should be left with fresh, even-textured skin.

What are the Risks?

Like all treatments, there are a few risks with getting laser treatments. In some cases, high-intensity lasers can cause burning, especially if you have sensitive skin. People with sensitive skin may also develop an uneven skin tone where treatment has been done. You may also notice some blood spotting after your treatment, but this usually heals within a week. Before your treatment, talk to your physician about the risks.

Contact Emerge Medical & Well Spa

Laser treatments are the most effective way to reduce the appearance of your acne scars. If you are looking for a treatment option in Tulsa, look no further than Emerge Medical & Well Spa. To schedule an appointment, contact us today at 918-392-8606!

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Laser tattoo removal

Misconceptions About Tattoo Removal

Debunking Myths about Tattoo Removal

What was once thought to be permanent can now be erased. Through tattoo removal, you can remove any unwanted tattoos and leave your skin with a clean slate. Unfortunately, many people are apprehensive about removing their unwanted tattoos because of myths and misconceptions they hear about the process. Here, Emerge Medical & Well Spa debunks some of these common misconceptions.

Myth #1: Laser Removal Will Cause Scarring

Although many people believe that tattoo removal will leave them with unsightly scars, this is far from the truth. If the treatment is handled by a professional, laser treatments should produce little scarring. Laser removal specialists know the amount of energy to use to prevent scarring and they will typically space out treatments to give your skin plenty of time to heal. Following the proper aftercare instructions will also decrease the risk of scarring.

Myth #2: New Tattoos Cannot Be Removed

Some people believe that removal only works on old, faded tattoos, but the tattoo removal process works on fresh tattoos as well. Although older, faded tattoos may require fewer treatment sessions, new tattoos can still be removed – it may just take more time. If you are getting a new tattoo removed, just make sure it has healed and there are no scabs.

Myth #3: Removal Creams Work Better than Laser Removal

Although this would be convenient, it is certainly not the case. These creams may be able to fade your tattoo, but they cannot penetrate deep enough into your skin to remove it all the way. In fact, some chemicals in these creams can be abrasive and potentially damage your skin.

Myth #4: A Single Treatment Can Remove the Tattoo

If you ever hear a clinic make this claim, know that it is false. Laser treatments simply cannot remove a tattoo in a single treatment. Sure, some tattoos can be removed faster than others, depending on the size of the tattoo, the color of ink, and the amount of fading, but it always takes more than one treatment. Although the process may take awhile, the tattoo can be removed all the way.

Myth #5: Tattoo Removal is Dangerous

Some people do not trust the process of tattoo removal and believe the use of lasers will lead to cancer and other diseases. Fortunately, this is far from the truth. Laser removals are approved by FDA and tattoo removal professionals are licensed and trained. Overall, removing a tattoo is just as safe as getting one.

Contact Emerge Medical & Well Spa

If you are looking for tattoo removal in Tulsa, Oklahoma, look for further than Emerge Medical & Well Spa. Our experienced staff will work with you to effectively and safely remove your tattoo, leaving your skin looking fresh and clean. To schedule an appointment, contact us today.

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Shape Up Your Neck

Written By: Belinda Stewart

What’s with the neck!  OMGeeeee!  We have gotten so good at making the face ageless, but how about the neck?  It is no fun when our neck shows our age.  In the last couple of years, this has become a great focus for so many companies.  Enter us, and let’s make some magic happen.  There is now Kybella to permanently rid the neck of fat while creating some retraction as well.  There is off-label Botox to treat the bands, those pesky unwanted necklace lines.  Let’s not forget filler for the lines too.  Amongst all these treatments, we can combine laser tightening to create an outstanding performance.  Necks are not a one size fits all and can be tricky.  With the increasing options, finding the one that works best for you can sometimes be a challenge.  Just know that each day we get closer and closer to making the neck great again. 

Not to be a product junky, but for me I have found a dynamic duo for my neck.  I have seen amazing results with SkinMedica’s Total Defense and Repair Sunscreen and the Recovery Complex.  They even have scientifically proven results!  It along with Kybella has given me the confidence to show my neck again.  Throw away the turtle neck, enter in the v-neck.  Yes, baby!!

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What to Expect from Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal procedures and expectations

Getting a tattoo is a bigger decision than some people might realize. A tattoo is something that you’ll potentially carry with you for life, but some people will make the mistake of getting one on a whim only to regret it later. You might have heard of laser tattoo removal, you might even have already booked your session and are starting to feel nervous.

Laser tattoo removal can certainly sound intimidating, but knowing what to expect can do a lot to relieve potential anxiety. In the Emerge Medical & Well Spa blog, we like to educate our patients about some of our procedures work, to help you relax before you even arrive.

Does It Hurt?

Unfortunately, the answer to what is probably your first question is yes, getting a tattoo removed does hurt. However, it typically is much less painful than people undergoing treatment tend to expect. A lot of those who have undergone tattoo removal have compared the laser sensation as similar to having the tattoo applied. Depending on how you felt about getting your tattoo applied, you can set your expectations for its removal.

How Long Does It Take?

How long it takes for complete tattoo removal depends on a lot of different factors. The first – and most obvious – factor is how big and detailed your tattoo is. On average, most patients will need somewhere between five to eight sessions, although it has the potential to be more or less.

Another factor in the number and length of sessions is your own body. Your skin will need time to heal, and your immune system plays a part in getting rid of the ink too. While it’s hard to guarantee a specific time frame, discuss it with your laser treatment professional before you start.

Are There Side Effects?

Most patients will experience some side effects. The severity will depend on your own body, skin condition, and immune system. A lot of the side effects of laser tattoo removal are actually an important part of the healing process.

Swelling, blisters, scabs, bruises and general tenderness of the treatment area are among the normal side effects and are usually temporary. Scarring or permanent skin pigmentation issues are less common, severe side effects, but can be avoided by taking proper care of the area being treated.

Make Sure You Keep the Area Clean

Taking proper care of the treatment area is one of the major factors you need to be prepared for. Improper care is going to make scarring much more likely, so avoid picking scabs or popping any blisters in order to give them the chance to do their job. Keep the area clean, and let your clinic know if you experience anything outside of the normal side effects immediately.

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Contact Us About Tattoo Removal

If you’re looking for professional tattoo removal at a clinic where you know you can relax and trust that it’ll be done right, contact us about laser treatments today. Your comfort and relaxation is our priority, and we do everything we can to make sure you’re comfortable. Find out more about the other services we can offer on our website, and check back on our blog for more info soon.

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