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Healing After Surgery – Massages in Tulsa

The effects of surgery are far-reaching and can be long-lasting. People aren’t always prepared for how long it will take to start feeling better after having surgery.

Pain can also extend beyond just the surgical wounds. Surgery can cause a lot of muscle pain that makes it hard to sleep or relax – two things you need to do to recover from the trauma of surgery fully.

One of the best things you can do for yourself as you recover is getting a massage. Below, we have listed reasons that getting a massage in Tulsa at our medical spa will benefit you as you’re on the road to recovery.

Relieves and Reduces Your Pain

Your body is going to hurt after surgery. This may seem like an obvious statement, but the pain will extend beyond the area immediately affected the scalpel. Surgery is traumatic, and it will cause a lot of unexpected pain.

One place you may experience a lot of pain is your back. Back pain makes it hard to sleep or rest and is something that a massage can remedy to a large extent. Taking care of aching muscles will help you get the rest that you need to allow your body to heal.

Helps Improve Muscle Flexibility and Mobility

After surgery, your body will be stiff and sore. You’ll also be spending a lot of time resting. While getting up and moving is an essential part of the healing process and will help work out some of the post-op stiffness, getting a massage is also incredibly helpful. It will help loosen up your muscles so you’ll be able to move around with more ease.

Helps Combat Stress and Anxiety

What a lot of people don’t talk about is the emotional trauma that often accompanies surgery – especially major surgery. Not only is your body healing, but you’re dealing with a tremendous amount of stress and anxiety regarding your recovery. You will have concerns about complications or how unexpectedly lengthy the healing process is.

A massage can help you relax and let go of some of your anxiety. Relaxation is essential in the recovery process, but it’s hard to achieve if you’re stressed or anxious.

What kind of massage should you get?

There are two different types of massages that will help you jump start your recovery process post-surgery! If you’re looking to for a place that does these types of massages in Tulsa, you should visit us!

  • Lymphatic Drain Massage: Also known as lymphatic drainage or lymph drainage, this type of massage is especially beneficial for post-op recovery. Developed in Germany, lymphatic drain massage is meant to treat lymphedema which sometimes occurs after surgery. Lymphedema is a post-operative accumulation of fluid. This massage increases lymphatic flow.
  • Deep Tissue Massage: This type of massage is meant to relieve chronic pain, like the kind experienced after surgery. It works deep into the muscles to alleviate stiff areas.

Make sure to check with your surgeon or doctor to see what type of massage is the best for you before booking your massage in Tulsa with us.

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Why Choose Emerge Medical & Well Spa for your massage in Tulsa?

At Emerge Medical & Well Spa, we are a premier, award-winning medical spa. With our excellent customer service and attentiveness to our patrons, we are undoubtedly the best place to get a massage in Tulsa. To learn more about our business and services, make sure to visit our website! And if you’re looking to get a healing massage in Tulsa, make sure to contact us today and set up an appointment!

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How a Deep Tissue Massage Benefits Runners

Girl running after a deep tissue massage

Deep Tissue Massage for Runners

Massages are an important component in a runner’s wellness routine. After a marathon, half marathon, or any big run, a massage can help relieve muscle tension, reduce soreness, and promote an overall feeling of relaxation. One of the most beneficial types of massage for runners is deep tissue massage. Popular with athletes, this type of massage helps heal muscle fiber after periods of intense training. Here are just a few of the surprising benefits of a deep tissue massage and when a runner should schedule an appointment.

#1. Relaxes Muscles

The most notable benefit of a deep tissue massage is that it relaxes tense muscles. Running requires your muscles to tighten and contract. Over time, this contraction strengthens your muscle fibers and allows you to run longer distances at greater speeds. Unfortunately, it can also strain your muscles and leave you feeling sore. By getting a regular massage, you can reduce soreness and allow your muscles to heal after continuous stress.

#2. Improves Circulation

A deep tissue massage also improves circulation and blood flow. By putting pressure on the muscles, you can actually move blood through congested areas of the body. The technique also helps the body release lactic acid. During a long-distance run, stress is placed on the body, but through increased circulation, you can help your body heal and promote an overall feeling of well-being.

#3. Improves Flexibility

Runners typically experience pain and tightness in their knees, hamstrings, and Achilles tendons. Over time, this pain can add up and decrease your range of motion. Before your massage, your massage therapist will discuss if you are experiencing any pain or tightness so they can focus their treatment on specific muscles. During the massage, they will work tight areas of your body and loosen the muscles. Afterward, you will experience an improved range of motion and flexibility, preparing you for your next run.

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When Should You Schedule Your Deep Tissue Massage?

If you are looking to use a deep tissue massage to improve your athletic performance, it’s important that you schedule it at the right time. If you have an upcoming race, you should never schedule a massage the day before. This might leave you sore on the starting line and impact your performance. Instead, schedule one about a week before.

You should also avoid scheduling your massage the day after a race. You will be pretty sore the day after running, so a massage will be counterproductive to your recovery.  Instead, you should wait until your soreness decreases, one or two days after the race.

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Contact Emerge Medical & Well Spa?

If you are looking to schedule a deep tissue massage, look no further than Emerge Medical & Well Spa in Tulsa. We offer a variety of massage packages, including deep tissue, prenatal, and warm stone massage. To schedule an appointment, give us a call today at 918-392-8606!


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Is it Time for a Deep Tissue Massage?

Signs You Need a Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage in Tulsa

Whether you are active or not, a deep tissue massage is beneficial for everyone. It relaxes your muscles, improves your posture, aids injury recovery, and helps prevent future injuries. By scheduling an occasional visit to your massage therapist, you can improve your musculoskeletal health and help your body keep up with the demands of life.

However, most people are unsure when they should schedule their visit. Should you schedule a deep tissue massage on a regular basis or only when you experience specific pain? To help you determine if you should make an appointment, look for the following signs.

#1. You Have Aches and Stiffness

General aches, pains, and stiffness are a sure sign that you need a deep tissue massage. If you experience chronic tension in your shoulders and neck, chronic headaches, or stiffness when you get out bed in the morning, you may need a massage to relieve muscle strain and tension. Though a massage can be great for pain management, you should speak to a doctor if you are experiencing intense chronic pain, since this may be a sign of a deeper issue.

#2. You Live a Sedentary Lifestyle

People who live relatively sedentary lifestyles, particularly office workers and truck drivers, can benefit greatly from a deep tissue massage. If you spend most of your day sitting at a desk or driving, you likely experience a great deal of tension in your shoulders, neck, and legs, along with lower back pain. Though this may be ‘normal’ for your job, you do not need to live this way. By getting a massage, you can relieve some of that pent-up tension and combat some the negative side-effects of your work environment.

#3. You Have Just Competed in an Athletic Event

Whether you have just completed an Ironman competition, jogged a 5K, or competed in a tennis tournament, it’s always a good idea to schedule a massage after an athletic event. This will help relieve any soreness, help your muscles heal, and prevent injury.

#4. You Feel Stressed and Anxious

Getting a regular massage can benefit your mental, emotional, and physical health. Pent-up tension in the body can lead to feelings of stress and anxiety. Over time, this stress can impact your ability to work, sleep, and live your normal, daily life. By regularly scheduling a deep tissue massage, you can alleviate tension and reduce the number of stress hormones your body produces.

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Deep Tissue Massages at Emerge Medical & Well Spa

If you are looking for a deep tissue massage, look no further than Emerge Medical & Well Spa in Tulsa. In addition to massage treatments, we also offer laser treatments, facials, hormone replacement therapy, and more. To schedule an appointment, contact us today!

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Why You Should Book a Deep Tissue Massage Today

Receiving a Deep Tissue Massage from Emerge Medical & Well Spa

4 Health Benefits of a Deep Tissue Massage

A deep tissue massage has a multitude of benefits for the body and mind. At Emerge Medical & Well Spa we have licensed massage therapists on staff and have learned many of the benefits in person. Today we want to share with you some of the many benefits you can get from receiving a deep tissue massage at Emerge Medical & Well Spa. Read on to learn five health benefits of a deep tissue massage.

#1 – Reduce High Blood Pressure

As deep tissue massage was created to work on deeper layers of the body, it impacts your body’s blood flow as well. A study of 263 volunteers with an average age of 48.5 were treated with deep tissue massages between 45 and 60 minutes in duration. Results of the participants of the study demonstrated on average patients who received the massage showed a drop in systolic, diastolic, and arterial pressure. Who would have thought that a deep tissue massage can improve your heart health as well!

#2 – Stress Relief

Experienced massage therapists will concentrate on massaging various trigger points on the body that are known to hold the most stress. Working the underlying tissue in these areas helps to relax key muscle groups and provide an overall feeling of relaxation to the body. In addition, the lower blood pressure mentioned above helps to reduce the physical toll that stress places on your health. If you are someone who experiences a lot of stress, getting massages regularly can be key in lowering your stress levels.

#3 – Improved Blood Flow

New research done into deep tissue massages show that rubbing deep muscles helps to improve circulation. This has a multitude of health benefits, including pain relief, more energy, and reduction in muscle soreness. Thanks to the increased oxygen supply in the tissues of the body, toxins such as lactic acid are also removed from muscles at a higher rate.

#4 – Reduced Chronic Pain

If you suffer from chronic pain such as arthritis or lower back pain, a deep tissue massage can be the solution for you. By reducing muscle tightness, reducing inflammation, and increasing blood flow helps to ease the pain in problem areas. Many of our clients opt for regular deep tissue massages in lieu of pain medication.

Contact Emerge Medical & Well Spa for a Deep Tissue Massage

If you are interested in receiving a deep tissue massage from one of our expert massage therapists contact one of our friendly concierges to book an appointment. We have a friendly, professionally trained staff ready to serve your health needs. Call us at 918-392-8606 to schedule an appointment today!

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