It’s My Birthday!

Written By: Ric Harrison



It’s my birthday month! I’ll be 54 tomorrow, April 7th.  Holy sh*t, where did the time go? You know what I mean? It seems like it was just yesterday I was at the high school football game. Where has the time gone? I just get tired sometimes of doing all this adult stuff, like paying the bills, going to work, getting the car fixed, making dinner, yada, yada, yada. But then I remember there are benefits to this adult stuff, I can stay out as late as I want, I can spend my money where I want, I can vote and most importantly, I can spoil my 3 precious grandsons and then send them home to their parents!

I love the saying, “do not regret growing older, it is a privilege denied to many”.  There was a time I didn’t think I would make it this far but I did and on most days, I’m grateful for that! I also realize that just because I am getting older doesn’t mean I should have to look my age.

 I decided that when I turned 50 I would get this tired, battered old body and face into shape!  😂

Really, it wasn’t that bad. Sure, I’d been in the sun too much, put on a few extra pounds and didn’t pay as much attention to my face regime as I should have, but I knew I could look better. I joined the gym, watched what I ate and started looking for some enhancements for my face, neck & body. If you’ve been following our blog you know what some of those enhancements were, the good and the not so good. And if you haven’t been following our blog, then shame on you!  (feel free to catch up, we just started the blog in March).

There are so many affordable treatments that we can do to enhance our beauty. The gym, good skin care products, sunscreen (always), facials & peels, and maybe a little Botox, Kybella & Juvederm are just a few. These have all been things that have been helpful for me to look better, younger and feeling good about myself and my appearance.

For more information about the treatments and skincare I use, please contact Emerge Medical & Well Spa at 918.392.8606. If you mention me or this blog you will get a small gift for my birthday*The month of April 2017 only*

I celebrate each of you!

Be Well & Be Beautiful