Body Sculpting FAQs

Sometimes, even after we hit our desired healthy weight, our body still doesn’t look like we want it to. Pockets of stubborn fat can collect in the arms, hips, thighs, or buttocks. It can seem impossible to get rid of, no matter how much you exercise.


Today, Emerge Medical Spa discusses body sculpting and how it can help you remove those unwanted pockets of fat cells.


What is body sculpting?


Body sculpting is a non-surgical procedure used to change the shape and contours of your body. Body sculpting is not a weight loss method but rather a way to reshape stubborn areas of fat pockets that you can’t seem to get rid of.


How is body sculpting done?


Body sculpting techniques are usually very non-invasive and involve freezing or heating the fat cells. At Emerge Medical and Well Spa, most treatments are done on top of the skin with laser technology or through injectable treatments. The laser is used on the targeted area to break down and remove fat cells. Injectable treatments are usually injected directly into the area of excess fat cells.


Is body sculpting painful?


Most body sculpting techniques are pain-free. The laser technology targets the fall cells below the skin and leaves the skin cool and unharmed.


What are the benefits of non-surgical body sculpting?


Body sculpting has numerous benefits, namely that it helps to reduce areas of unwanted fat without surgery. 


Some other benefits include:


  • Non-invasive procedure
  • No downtime from surgery
  • Pain-free
  • Few to no side effects
  • Gradual results showing after only a couple of treatments
  • Lasting results


What body sculpting services does Emerge provide?


Emerge Medical Well Spa has several body sculpting services available that target different areas of the body and can produce different results.

Emsculpt NEO

This 30-minute treatment helps reduce fat pockets and build muscle all in the same treatment.


The Emtone device uses both thermal and mechanical energy to reduce areas of cellulite.


An FDA-approved injectable treatment to reduce fat cells under the chin that has permanent results.


To see all of our body sculpting services available, please visit our Body Sculpting page.


Body Sculpting at Emerge Medical Spa in Tulsa, OK. 

At Emerge Medical & Well Spa, our professionals can help you decide on the body sculpting treatment right for you. Contact us online to book an appointment and learn more about our services.