Volbella – Lip Filler from Emerge Medical & Well Spa

Written By: Belinda Stewart

Whether you have always had small lips or your lips have lost their fullness with age, Emerge Medical & Well Spa’s goal is to give you the perfect pout. One of my biggest request or fear when doing lips is will “I” get the dreaded “duck lip”. Because of our customized lip augmentation approach and the soft and smooth consistency of Volbella, patients can rest assured they will leave our office with beautifully enhanced lips. Every patient has a unique facial anatomy, so the lip injection technique must be tailored to the patient’s other facial features in order to produce natural looking lips. Making sure your injector has had the latest most advanced training and techniques will also increase the success of your treatment. I personally love to go to as much training as possible. Each time I and our other Emerge Medical & Well Spa nurses witness a new technique, it just adds to our tool belt on the best approach. It makes doing lip augmentations incredibly fun and fulfilling, pun totally intended!

Volbella injections at Emerge Medical & Well Spa can add or restore lip volume, create a more defined lip shape, soften “lipstick” lines (or smoker’s lines), lift downturned corners of the mouth, and enhance the cupid’s bow and vermillion border. Who doesn’t want that! Let me brag and add to this wonderful treatment! We can also add a little Va Va Voom when we customize your lip enhancement with Juvederm Ultra or Ultra Plus for those who want a smooth lip with a little extra plump.

Traditional lip fillers usually last around 6 months. But Volbella is the first filler to use Vycross technology, a special blending of hyaluronic acid (a naturally occurring sugar found in our skin). This technology allows for lift and longevity of the product while also reducing swelling and downtime and our Emerge Medical & Well Spa patients and staff are loving it!

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