Why we crave the sun

Written By: Ric Harrison 

Now I know you’re probably thinking that SPF means “Southern Powerlifting Federation” (look it up if you care to know more). But that’s not what we’re talking about today, we’re talking about SUN PROTECTION FACTOR! Yes. Sun protection. Why is it important to talk about sun protection? I know that feeling of looking in the mirror and seeing that beautiful tan and thinking how nice I look. Jump ahead 10, 20 or even 30 years and that beautiful tan may now be showing as skin damage and wrinkles. 

However, many of us want to tan and not just for the looks but for that emotional feeling we get after being in the sun.

A chronic lack of sun exposure has been linked to many problems; several forms of cancer, general poor health and varying degrees of depression. People actually get depressed, with symptoms like sadness, fatigue, and hopelessness — from a lack of sunlight but let’s be practical, we know that the sun can cause damage as well as heal, Be Smart!  If you’re planning to be in the sun for a long period, PUT THAT SUNSCREEN ON.

Many skin care products, especially moisturizers, have SPF already added, look for one. My personal preference for a moisturizer is Total Defense with SPF 50 by SkinMedica. You can find moisturizers with SPF at most any price point you want, just find the one you like and use it and if you’re going to be in the sun for a long period, use extra sunscreen (all over your body that is exposed).

You know how I hate to brag (LOL) but I recently returned from a trip to the      Caribbean and I guarantee you that I wore more sunscreen than anything else.  Enjoy your summer, sensibly.

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Be Well & Be Beautiful