Prenatal Massage Techniques

Prenatal Massage Emerge Medical & Well Spa

Prenatal massage is a wonderful way to help get you through your pregnancy. Mothers-to-be report lower stress and pain levels, improved sleep, better relaxation, and pain relief when receiving a massage while pregnant. In today’s blog from Emerge Medical & Well Spa, we look into a few prenatal massage techniques that can help you feel your best.

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Prenatal massage can be performed with a woman lying on her back or side. She may even feel most comfortable sitting up. Whatever makes you feel most comfortable, the staff at Emerge Medical & Well Spa can adapt. Positioning often depends on how far along you are in your pregnancy, your comfort level, and what part of your body you want to be massaged.

Types of Massage

There are more than 80 types of massage, but not all of them are appropriate for a prenatal massage. Our massage therapists could recommend a deep tissue massage that presses into your muscles to alleviate your aching back or shoulders. Swedish massage, with its long strokes, helps with joint flexibility. Shiatsu uses pressure and tapping to stimulate your body’s natural relaxation response.

About the Legs

Our massage therapists take the utmost care of you and your baby during a prenatal massage. Pregnant women have a risk for blood clots in the legs during the third trimester. We typically avoid deep massage and strong pressure on the legs. Even if you feel pain and bloating in your legs and feet, we’ll try to alleviate your discomfort as much as possible with a light prenatal massage in those areas.

Consult With Your Doctor

We always want you to be in the best possible health before, during, and after you see us. Please consult with your doctor before getting a prenatal massage. Your doctor can advise you on what can and cannot be done based on your specific situation. Rest assured, our staff will follow your doctor’s guidelines.

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Prenatal Massage at Emerge Medical & Well Spa

Emerge Medical & Well Spa in Tulsa wants you to be happy and healthy during all stages of your pregnancy. Talk to us about a prenatal massage today for stress relief and relaxation before you become a new mom. Contact Emerge Tulsa or call (918) 392-8606 for more information.

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Massages and Your New Year’s Resolutions

Young couple receiving head massage at beauty spa

You’ve heard the phrase, New Year, New You. Most of the time, we can identify the “what” in our New Year’s Resolutions, but the “how” is less clear. Whether it’s losing weight or promoting self-care, Emerge Medical & Well Spa is here for you. Today’s blog explains how our massages can help you reach your goals in 2020. 

Massages Can Ease Your Stress

We all want less tension in our lives to start a new year. But having a busy schedule can create stress, and we need to find a healthy outlet. Getting a massage from Emerge Tulsa is a great way to relax, unwind, and energize your body. Give yourself a break from running errands and doing household chores. You’ve earned it.

Massages Can Support Your Weight Loss

Losing weight can be hard work, but Emerge offers many ways to make the process easier and more enjoyable. Massages support weight loss because they boost your metabolism, improve your blood circulation, and keep your digestive system healthy. Consider a massage after an intense workout. It can supplement exercise by lowering muscle tension, decreasing stiffness, and increasing your range of motion, so you’ll be ready for the next workout session.    


When you start to see results, you deserve a reward. Contact Emerge to schedule your massage or one of our other body treatments. 


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Massage & Body Treatments at Emerge Tulsa

Emerge offers a plethora of massage and body treatments at our spa in Tulsa, including:


  • Couples massage
  • Warm stone massage
  • Deep tissue massage 
  • Himalayan salt stone massage 
  • Migraine massage treatment
  • Sinus/Allergy massage treatment 
  • Prenatal massage, and more!


At Emerge, we focus on providing comfort while also improving your health. Our licensed massage therapists will communicate with you to make sure you’re comfortable during your treatment. You can read more about each treatment option on our website or call (918) 392-8606.


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Book Your Massage Now

Self-care and losing weight are among the most popular New Year’s resolutions. Take better care of yourself this year with a massage from Emerge. Or, treat yourself to our affordable spa facials. We make it easy for you to book your appointment. If you have questions or would like more information, contact our friendly staff today!

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How Foot Reflexology Can Help Reduce Stress

Hands performing foot reflexology

Reflexology, not to be confused with massage, involves applying pressure to various points on the feet, hands, and ears. According to ancient Chinese medicine, these different points are connected to different organs and body systems, and applying pressure to these areas is said to offer various health benefits as well as a balanced and free-flowing qi. 

Some of the health benefits of foot reflexology include improvement in energy levels, circulation, liver function, circulation, and even migraines. But, in today’s blog, the reflexologists at Emerge Medical & Well Spa are here to talk about how reflexology can help significantly reduce stress and improve mood. 

Reduces Stress

Reflexology works to reduce stress levels by improving lymphatic drainage and venous circulation, stimulating nerve pathways, and relaxing the muscles. The accompanying relaxation will also allow your body to deal with the stresses associated with daily life and illness. 

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Releases Good Hormones

Along with the therapeutic release of stress and tension throughout the body’s systems, reflexology increases nerve activity and releases toxins from the tissues. This encourages the release of endorphins, the feel-good hormones have proven to relieve stress. 

Supports Healing

Reflexology also works to improve the body’s assimilation of nutrients, eliminates waste, and stimulates the immune system. In turn, this will help balance and maintain the body, promote self-healing and lead to good health. 

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Foot Reflexology at Emerge Medical & Well Spa

If you are looking for an affordable and peaceful way to release stress, reflexology can help you! There are virtually no restrictions when it comes to a good candidate, and the only thing you have to remove is your shoes! Here at Emerge Medical & Well Spa in Tulsa, we offer both 30 and 60-minute sessions of hand, ear, and foot reflexology! If you want to learn more, visit us online or call us at 918-392-8606 for more information about foot reflexology and our many other services!

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Benefits of a Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

Woman laying on spa bed having a Himalayan salt stone massageAre you looking for a massage that will leave you relaxed and healed on a spiritual and physical level? Emerge Medical & Well Spa in Tulsa wants to tell you about the Himalayan Salt Stone Massage. Read on to learn why this deep tissue massage is all the rage, and how beneficial Himalayan salt stones are to your body and your health.

The Himalayan Salt Stone

Himalayan salt crystals are found at the base of the Himalayan mountains, where the natural mountain ranges seal them off from the contamination of civilization. Dating back many years, people have used the natural salt to find relief from a variety of ailments from high blood pressure, to obesity, to diabetes. Himalayan salt contains over 84 trace minerals, including those known to aid in good health and vitality. To this day, Himalayan salt is used in cooking, in the form of a heated salt lamp, and in salt stone massages as a testament to its natural healing properties.


Himalayan salt is known to have detoxifying qualities that can help release the toxins built up from everyday stress. During a Himalayan salt stone massage, the essential minerals found in the stone will absorb into your skin leaving you with a natural cleansing of the body and spirit.


The heat of the Himalayan salt stones combined with a deep tissue massage will penetrate your fascia and muscle tissue without overheating, leaving you as relaxed as ever. These stones are naturally antimicrobial, antibacterial, and lightly exfoliating, removing dead skin cells and leaving you with healthy skin.

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Spiritual Energy

These organically charged, energy-rich salt crystal stones help heal and balance your body’s centers and central nervous system, leaving you energized and centered in your body, mind, and spirit. The magnetic qualities of the stones will help draw away any negative energy while restoring your balance and inner peace.

Physical Relief

Himalayan pink salts 84 trace minerals, specifically magnesium, potassium, and calcium are known to help relieve certain physical ailments such as headaches, joint pain, fatigue, muscle weakness, and inflammation.

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Massages at Emerge Medical & Well Spa

If you think you would benefit from a Himalayan Salt Stone Massage, or want to browse our wide array of massages to find the right one for you, Emerge Medical & Well Spa in Tulsa offers a relaxing and comfortable environment that will leave you with the best experience possible. Check out our endless list of treatments that offer a refreshing blend of medical and spa techniques here, or call our medical spa location at 918-392-8606 for more information or to make an appointment today!

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Emerge Medical & Well Spa Services for Migraines

Migraine Relief from Emerge Medical & Well Spa

Migraines are debilitating, painful headaches that can be very difficult to effectively treat and prevent. Fortunately, Emerge Medical & Well Spa offers many services and treatments that can reduce or even eliminate the occurrence of migraines. Read on in today’s blog to learn about migraine solutions from Emerge!Woman with Headache

Migraine Massage Treatment

There are many different treatments offered at Emerge Medical & Well Spa that can help with migraines, but only our Migraine Massage Treatment is specifically and completely focused on treating this troublesome issue. This treatment includes targeted massage, cold marble stones, essential oils, and focused therapeutic stretching of affected muscle groups in the shoulders, neck, and head.

Migraine Massage Treatment is an amazing solution for migraine sufferers, and it should be a central part of any migraine treatment strategy.

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Foot Reflexology

Foot reflexology is a traditional holistic healing technique that incorporates massage, acupressure, and stimulation of circulatory and neurological functions. An experienced foot reflexologist can relieve pain throughout the body, including migraines and the musculoskeletal structures that contribute to migraines. If you have been suffering from migraine pain, foot reflexology is an important part of a comprehensive treatment plan.

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Feel Beautiful, Feel Well, with Emerge Medical & Well Spa

At Emerge Medical & Well Spa, we believe that there are many paths to personal health and wellness. When you suffer from painful and debilitating migraines, you want to make use of every solution available. Contact the team of wellness experts at Emerge Medical & Well Spa to schedule your first appointment today! We will help you overcome migraines and feel great again!

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Can Massage Therapy Help With Weight Loss?

Woman getting massage

Massage Therapy – Weight Loss – Emerge

If you’ve hit a snag in your weight loss journey, consider massage therapy to get over that plateau. Massage therapy can be a beneficial tool when it comes to losing weight. Read on to find out exactly how massage therapy can help you reach your weight loss goals!

Massage Therapy Helps Provide Stress Relief

When you experience stress, your body releases a hormone called cortisol. Cortisol can cause weight gain by causing your insulin levels to shoot up and your blood sugar levels to drop. This can cause you to crave sugary, fatty, carbohydrate-heavy foods – in other words, comfort foods. This, of course, leads to weight gain. If you’re able to lower these cortisol levels, you’ll experience fewer cravings, and it’ll be easier to make healthy food choices. So, if you’re feeling stressed, go get a massage!

Massage Therapy Helps with Muscle Recovery

Perhaps your weight gain has been in part due to an inability to be active. If you’ve pulled a muscle or experienced an injury in your workouts, a massage can help significantly. Consider getting a massage to help you get off the couch and back to the gym!

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Massage Therapy Promotes Self-Care

Self-care is an important component of a weight loss journey. This is because self-care is a practice that prioritizes your physical and mental well-being. If you can get in the mindset of weight loss being an aspect of self-care, then it will be easier. Weight loss isn’t about punishing yourself, but rather about loving your body and giving it the proper nutrition and exercise.

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Come See Us at Emerge!

If you’ve hit a rut in your weight loss endeavors, visit us at Emerge Medical & Well Spa. Making massage therapy a regular part of your self-care practice can lead to increased weight loss. So, don’t waste any more time. Contact us today to set up an appointment!

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Aftercare Instructions: Tattoo Removal

Applying GauzeAftercare Advice for Tattoo Removal Procedures

At Emerge Medical & Well Spa, we offer many exceptional services to our clients, one of which is laser treatment tattoo removal. Tattoos can be a beautiful and artistic way to express yourself and show the world who you are. However, from time to time mistakes are made, tattoos become outdated, and romances end. When this happens, don’t resign yourself to living with an unwanted tattoo, look to Emerge Medical & Well Spa for the perfect solution.

We are proud to offer PicoWay laser treatment, which uses novel picosecond technology to quickly and safely deliver tiny blasts of light particles to the inked area. The energy in these lasers targets only the tattoo ink, not the sensitive skin around it, and requires far fewer applications than a typical laser removal service. Following the procedure, we give each client detailed instructions on how to care for the treatment area.

Directly After Laser Treatment

The first three days following your tattoo removal will be the most tender. The area should be kept clean and bandaged with gauze and medical tape. A thin layer of moisturizing antibiotic ointment will help prevent scarring and speed healing.

You shouldn’t wash the area during this three-day healing process. Once healed, use a non-abrasive scent-free skin cleanser for skin care. Be sure that you avoid scrubbing the area as this could cause irritation.

Pain and Blisters Following Tattoo Removal

A little pain is normal after tattoo removal, and it can be treated with ibuprofen or acetaminophen. Don’t panic if you notice the lasered region of skin beginning to blister. Blisters are a common side effect of laser treatment, although the PicoWay laser system is more gentle than traditional lasers. Blisters will eventually break and drain, and the area will begin to feel better.

For three months after your tattoo removal, you should apply a generous dose of sunscreen before heading out into the sun. The laser-treated portion of your skin will be sensitive to UV rays and more likely to be damaged by direct sunlight. During this time, continue to avoid scented moisturizers and creams to ensure optimal healing.

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Healing For Good

By following these aftercare instructions, you can ensure that your tattoo removal area should be completely healed within 4-8 weeks after your treatment. Reach out to us if you notice problems with healing, including discoloration, bleeding or continued pain.

For a closer look at laser treatment and tattoo removal at Emerge Medical & Well Spa, visit our official PicoWay web page. You can also call our team here in Tulsa; our professional medical spa staff are always happy to meet new clients and answer any of your questions.

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Brief History of Foot Reflexology

Person getting foot massage

History of Foot Reflexology

Reflexology is an ancient practice; although, it has changed significantly over the centuries. Its predominant use is to alleviate pain from injury or disease. This is done by applying pressure to various pressure points that correlate to different organs.

The predecessor to modern Reflexology is called Zone Theory and was established by Dr. William Fitzgerald and Dr. Edwin Bowers. These two gentlemen discovered that applying pressure to these pressure points alleviated not only pain but also the underlying cause of the pain.

Dr. Fitzgerald divided the body up into zones. He believed that the pressure point for any given organ could reside within the same zone. His colleague, Dr. Bowers, went to some extreme lengths to get others to buy into their ideas on zone therapy. He would apply pressure to a pressure point and then stick a pin in the corresponding numbed area. This kind of shock and awe display proved to be very convincing, and people began to accept their theory.

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Modern Reflexology

Another doctor by the name of Shelby Riley worked closely with Dr. Fitzgerald, and he continued to develop the zone theory. However, the individual who established the foot reflexology was a therapist who worked in Dr. Riley’s office named Eunice Ingham. She took an interest in Zone Theory, and in the 1930s she began to develop the concept of foot reflexology as we know it today.

It was she who determined that the reflexes in the feet were an exact mirror image of the different organs and glands in the body. She called the specific pressure points that correlated different organs “reflexes.” So, she renamed Zone Therapy and called it Reflexology.

Thanks to Eunice Ingham, reflexology focuses explicitly on the hands and feet which are most receptive to these applied pressures. Modern reflexologists use Ingham’s methods for treating patients.

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Book Your Hand, Ear or Foot Reflexology Appointment at Emerge Medical & Well Spa!

At Emerge Medical & Well Spa, we believe in the power and efficacy of hand, ear or foot reflexology to help promote relaxation and improve circulation in the body. If you book an appointment with us, your therapist will use thumb pressure on specific reflex points to help achieve maximum results. The aim of an ear, hand, or foot reflexology session is to have you leave our medical well spa feeling rejuvenated. At our spa, we offer both 30 and 60-minute sessions with our ear, hand, and foot reflexology therapists. If you are in need of relaxation, make sure to contact us at Emerge Medical & Well Spa to book your appointment!

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Masseur giving woman a massage

Healing After Surgery – Massages in Tulsa

The effects of surgery are far-reaching and can be long-lasting. People aren’t always prepared for how long it will take to start feeling better after having surgery.

Pain can also extend beyond just the surgical wounds. Surgery can cause a lot of muscle pain that makes it hard to sleep or relax – two things you need to do to recover from the trauma of surgery fully.

One of the best things you can do for yourself as you recover is getting a massage. Below, we have listed reasons that getting a massage in Tulsa at our medical spa will benefit you as you’re on the road to recovery.

Relieves and Reduces Your Pain

Your body is going to hurt after surgery. This may seem like an obvious statement, but the pain will extend beyond the area immediately affected the scalpel. Surgery is traumatic, and it will cause a lot of unexpected pain.

One place you may experience a lot of pain is your back. Back pain makes it hard to sleep or rest and is something that a massage can remedy to a large extent. Taking care of aching muscles will help you get the rest that you need to allow your body to heal.

Helps Improve Muscle Flexibility and Mobility

After surgery, your body will be stiff and sore. You’ll also be spending a lot of time resting. While getting up and moving is an essential part of the healing process and will help work out some of the post-op stiffness, getting a massage is also incredibly helpful. It will help loosen up your muscles so you’ll be able to move around with more ease.

Helps Combat Stress and Anxiety

What a lot of people don’t talk about is the emotional trauma that often accompanies surgery – especially major surgery. Not only is your body healing, but you’re dealing with a tremendous amount of stress and anxiety regarding your recovery. You will have concerns about complications or how unexpectedly lengthy the healing process is.

A massage can help you relax and let go of some of your anxiety. Relaxation is essential in the recovery process, but it’s hard to achieve if you’re stressed or anxious.

What kind of massage should you get?

There are two different types of massages that will help you jump start your recovery process post-surgery! If you’re looking to for a place that does these types of massages in Tulsa, you should visit us!

  • Lymphatic Drain Massage: Also known as lymphatic drainage or lymph drainage, this type of massage is especially beneficial for post-op recovery. Developed in Germany, lymphatic drain massage is meant to treat lymphedema which sometimes occurs after surgery. Lymphedema is a post-operative accumulation of fluid. This massage increases lymphatic flow.
  • Deep Tissue Massage: This type of massage is meant to relieve chronic pain, like the kind experienced after surgery. It works deep into the muscles to alleviate stiff areas.

Make sure to check with your surgeon or doctor to see what type of massage is the best for you before booking your massage in Tulsa with us.

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Why Choose Emerge Medical & Well Spa for your massage in Tulsa?

At Emerge Medical & Well Spa, we are a premier, award-winning medical spa. With our excellent customer service and attentiveness to our patrons, we are undoubtedly the best place to get a massage in Tulsa. To learn more about our business and services, make sure to visit our website! And if you’re looking to get a healing massage in Tulsa, make sure to contact us today and set up an appointment!

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How Foot Reflexology Can Reduce Your Anxiety

Foot reflexology for anxiety

How Foot Reflexology Can Help with Anxiety

Anxiety disorders are the single most common mental health problem in the United States, affecting nearly 40 million people each year. While some people successfully use medication to manage their anxiety, others seek alternative, holistic treatments. One of the most common treatments for anxiety is massage therapy. In particular, many people use a special type of massage called foot reflexology. If you are struggling with anxiety, here are a few ways foot reflexology can help.

What is Foot Reflexology?

Foot reflexology is a special type of massage that involves exerting pressure on specific areas of the foot to relieve tension, stress, and pain. These specific points, known as “reflex points,” are connected to other areas of the body through the nervous and vascular systems. For example, you can find relief for headaches and facial pain by putting pressure on your big toes. Reflexology can also improve blood flow and circulation, relieve muscle tension, and slow down your heart rate, creating an overall feeling of relaxation.

How Can it Help with Anxiety?

Several reflex points on the foot are connected with relaxation. Some of the pressure points help reduce your heart rate and improve circulation while others help alleviate physical pain and nausea. By targeting specific areas of the foot, you can relieve tension throughout your body. Although reflexology may not be the solution to your anxiety, combining it with other holistic treatments, such as exercise and yoga, can help you find relief.

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Why Try Foot Reflexology?

If you are suffering from anxiety or excessive stress, there are plenty of reasons to try foot reflexology. Maybe you want a supplemental treatment alongside medication, or perhaps you decide medication is not right for you and you want to try an alternative. Even if you don’t have a diagnosed anxiety condition, you may simply want to try a new way to reduce your stress. No matter your reason, reflexology can help you calm down, unwind, and manage your anxiety. By seeking new treatments and new avenues for relaxation, you can take control of your life again.

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Contact Emerge Medical & Well Spa

If you are looking for a new, alternative way to manage stress and anxiety, contact Emerge Medical & Well Spa in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We offer a range of massage therapy treatments, including foot reflexology, deep tissue massage, prenatal massage, couples’ massage, and more. We also specialize in cosmetic medical treatments, such as laser treatments and Botox. To find a massage or treatment that is right you, schedule a consultation today!

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