Going on a Cruise This Summer? 4 Essential Skincare & Makeup Items to Pack

Do you have questions on how to prepare a cosmetic bag for your next trip? Seasoned travelers will recommend sticking to the basics, but that’s easier said than done. People often pack more than they need.. So it is wise to only pack products that can keep your skin healthy, help you glow, and don’t take a long time to apply. 


In today’s blog, our experts at Emerge Medical & Well Spa, will discuss how there are an elite few products we feel should be prioritized when packing for a cruise:


Facial Sunscreen

An effective sunscreen is a must for your cruise cosmetic bag. During the day, you will be exposed to dangerous sunlight. Even if you wear a beautiful hat to protect your face and shoulders, the water will reflect the sun’s rays. 



Waterproof Mascara

 A few strokes with a mascara stick can do wonders. There are many mascaras on the market to choose from, but this time, you want to choose a high-rated waterproof product. You really don’t want to end up with your mascara running down your face on the pool deck, so it is important to choose a perfect formula that will not dissolve when in contact with water. 


Waterproof Eyeliner 

Color Waterproof Eyeliner is a small trick that can save you a lot of time. In a few minutes, your eyes will look refreshed. Suggested colors to wear this summer include: turquoise, purple, or gold because they are flattering with tropical themes and suit prints. 


Matte Lipstick

To be honest, a good lipstick is almost everything you need in your cosmetic bag. There are hundreds of lipstick formulas, ranging from plump gloss to semi-matte, pearly, moisturizing and matte. Matte is an excellent choice, because you might not always have time to strip the oils of sunscreen from your face before a meal. The lack of moisture in the appearance of matte lipstick balances your face makeup dynamic a bit more.


Emerge Medical & Well Spa On Cruise Ship Makeup

Cruise ship makeup should be fun, not overwhelming. Save space for a beautiful hat, some styling sandals, and a set of beautiful sarongs/scarves! Paired with our makeup tips, you’ll be a vision while at sea. To prepare for your cruise week, call Emerge Medical & Well Spa for a refreshing spa treatment before you set sail.