How to Pack Your Skincare Products for Airline Travel

It’s time to jet set on a summer adventure! How do you plan to take your skincare line with you? Did you know packing for airline travel with skin products requires advance planning? It really does! Carrying your skincare routine with you can be tricky, but it is definitely possible. In today’s blog with Emerge Medical & Well Spa we’ll discuss the best methods for packing skincare products for airline travel. 


Remember TSA?

In order to comply with TSA regulations on what can be packed in carry-on luggage, all bottled liquid must weigh 3 ounces, or less. Also, all bottled liquids and gels must fit into 1 quart zipper bag, with 1 bag allowed per passenger. This is affectionately called the 3-1-1 rule. 


When your skin care routine contains a lot of liquids and gels, it can be difficult to pack everything into a TSA-approved 3-1-1 bag. Don’t worry, we have figured out how to pack a carry-on bag without sacrificing coveted vitamin C essence, chemical scrubs, or hyaluronic acid. 


Consolidate Your Product Usage

Makeup remover and wipes take up a lot of room. Wet wipes remove makeup just as easily as makeup remover. Plus, they aren’t included in the 3-1-1 rule due to being a wipe, instead of a liquid or gel.


Travel Alternatives For These Liquid Products

  • Use makeup remover wipes instead of cleansers 
  • Use salicylic acid pads instead of acne treatment products (such as Stridex) 
  • Use facial masks instead of jars 
  • Using a face powder that contains SPF instead of liquid facial makeup


Did you know that you can carry a mask with you? Yes, you can bring masks  in your carry-on luggage. They have been approved by the TSA to be taken on the plane. Sheet masks are a great way to self-care on long-haul flights, or can be added to your in-flight skin care routine. The air on the plane is drying for your skin, and a sheet mask will help restore natural moisture levels. In addition, they are a great ritual to use to relax before falling asleep in the small seats of the plane. 


Stay Picky About Your Product Choice

When choosing a product to stay at home, or to buy at your destination please consider: 

  • The price of alternatives 
  • Are you picky about specific alternatives 
  • Shortage/availability of alternatives 


Skin care can be expensive. /There is no point in buying a $50 serum at your destination to make room for the $2 travel size dry shampoo in your 3-1-1 bag. 


Basic products such as shampoo, toothpaste, and shower gel are inexpensive and readily available in most vacation destinations. While you might not find your favorite salon shampoo in South America, you will find something that can be used for a week. 


Don’t Waste Your Trip Worrying

It is not fun to spend half the holiday hunting for skin and hair care items. If you find a specific niche product that is essential to your daily life (such as a specific AHA percentage), please find space in your 3-1-1 transparent plastic bag. 


Emerge Medical & Well Spa On Skincare And Traveling

Successfully traveling with skincare routines requires planning, but it is possible. Remember to bring the essentials, buy what you can at your destination, prepare to pour lotion, facial cleanser, and other skincare essentials into small bottles. Finally, prepare to schedule a facial with Emerge Medical & Well Spa to cure that jetlagged skin when you return! If you have any other questions on how best to prepare your skin for travel, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us online, or visit one of our store locations!


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